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Camel Kicks And Milk

Julia and Marianna are walking their camels, mindful of the caution in the clue about not upsetting the camel with "fast movements or loud noises." Jason and Lorena, on the other hand, are running with their camel. It's not a very big lead to begin with, and before you know it, Julia and Marianna turn around and see Jason and Lorena right behind them.

Shana and Jennifer's student passes his test, so they're off.

When Julia and Marianna see Jason and Lorena running, they decide they'd better run as well, so they're off. These teams arrive at essentially the same time at the Detour clue box.

Shana and Jennifer seem very surprised that they're placed as well as seventh, so I guess they kind of...lost track of everybody? I'm not sure. Jennifer is all weepy, going on about how much it means to her to stay in the race. She also needs to adjust her jacket, which is currently wrapped around one boob, while the other one is covered with only her shirt.

Jason and Lorena find the school before Marianna and Julia do, so now they're ahead in this race to stay in. The sisters are close, though, so both teams wind up together at the school, both choosing the Learn It option.

We wind up in a very tense, like, language-off thing, where the two teams are matching word for word, with Jason and Lorena apparently slightly ahead. Lorena and Jason finish first, as it turns out, so they get to leave. Dammit. It appears that it's close, though it's hard to tell. Jason and Lorena do indeed find their way to the pit stop first, so they're the ones who run up and land on the mat. I was so bummed by this, you guys. We came so close to having a team that rarely would go third out actually go out instead of a team that's exactly the kind that ALWAYS goes out third. It's very depressing. ["Yes, but the reason Julia and Marianna did go out third was, as you say, because Julia gave Lorena a tip, and because they didn't run with their camels. I was bummed too, but they brought it on themselves." -- Wing Chun] Lorena weeps and sobs about not being able to milk the camel, and Jason passes this off as being "passionate" in their interview. He needs to learn a little something about the difference between "passionate" and "loud." There is crossover, but they are very different concepts.

And now, Marianna and Julia. You are last, and you are out. They say that it felt like they never caught a break, but that they love each other, and they loved doing the race together. I feel bad for them, because they seem like nice girls, but on the other hand...they were behind a lot. Consistently, before and after bunching up with everyone else, except when it was really, really random, like with taxi drivers. I don't know. They're nice, but I don't think they're an undeserving third boot.

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