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Marianna and Julia, on the other hand, are so happy to be in Africa that they're literally hugging each other with excitement. That's got to be embarrassing if you're of the "I bet they're going to sell us into slavery" persuasion. Marianna and Julia are the first to the train station to hunt for the clue box. Nate and Jen, however, are the first to actually find the clue box, which tells them to take a train to Bingo. This causes Jen to throw her fist over her head. No, no; she does not play Bingo, and you can't tell me she does. I think she's just really relieved that the clue didn't contain another word that's really hard to pronounce. I suspect any team member who read the first clue this morning and traded off with the other person for this clue is going to be like, "Wait, I got 'Ouagadougou,' and you got 'Bingo'? Can I get a flag on that play?"

Phil explains that this will be a trip "out into the middle of the African savannah." Apparently, they have to listen for the name of the stop, which will be called out, because it will be "in the middle of nowhere." They will also have to make sure they don't mistake it for someone actually having bingo in a game of bingo. Marianna and Julia are next to the train station, and then the rest of the teams begin arriving. When Shana and Jennifer get out of their cab, though, they predictably do not receive the change they're supposed to receive. The driver wants to give them 1,000 in change, and they want 2,000. The dude isn't budging, though, and as always, the team is over a barrel, because they can't stand around and argue about it, and they should have negotiated it at the beginning and then never given him any more than they agreed on. You definitely don't wait for your change until the end, which I guess they now know. The dude pretty much grins and laughs, so he knows what he's doing. Lesson learned, one might think.

In the train station, the teams learn that the ticket office is closed until the next morning, so the train will be going tomorrow. This might seem like a bad thing, but that night, there turns out to be time for a little partying for the weary teams. As long as everybody is stuck with the same down time, they probably appreciate the break. Marianna and Julia enjoy a little dancing, it seems, and that's good with Donald, who enjoys seeing pretty girls wiggle. He particularly likes Julia, making the obligatory "if I was a little younger" comment we were all waiting for. He tells us in an interview that "they're hot," as we see Marianna pull him up to dance. Not hotly, really, though. "A little bitchy, but not bad," he remarks. "A guy could learn to live with it." His voice sounds eerily like Rudy from the first season of Survivor, dude. It's creepy. I think he and Rudy are related. At any rate, if Don's going to be lusting after anyone, I give him a lot of credit for the fact that it's Marianna and Julia and not the blondes, who are working so much harder at hotness and planning to use their bodies to get everywhere. Their bodies didn't even work on Grandpa, so good luck with the rest of the world, ladies.

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