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Neither has anyone else, until Jonathan and Victoria roll up. "Move it!" he barks at her as she hops out of the cab. Phil explains that, to complete this particular Roadblock, one team member has to "climb to the top of the mountain" (which looks about as strenuous as climbing to the top of a long driveway) and drive a gravity-powered soapbox race car back down the road. He or she has to finish the course within thirty-seven seconds, "a competitive time on the German Soapbox Derby Circuit." Ah, yes, I've heard things can get crazy speedy on the world-famous soapbox-bahn. Jonathan takes the Roadblock, and Victoria cheers him on as he jogs up the hill. He voices over, "When I was a kid, I raced go-carts and raced cars, and I own a Ferrari." Which seems tangentially relevant to operating the vehicle he's jumping into now. It's suspended at the top of a short, steep ramp at the beginning of the course. The racer is released, and it coasts down a bunny slope of a course. Jonathan finishes in thirty-five seconds flat. He and Victoria celebrate as if he'd just done something difficult, and he tells her to read the clue. Phil takes it from there and tells us that now the teams have to choose one of the marked Mercedes parked nearby and drive themselves into the middle of Berlin, park at a flagged parking area, and hoof it to the mat next to the famous Brandenburg Gate, which Phil describes as a "symbol of German reunification after the Cold War." And the last team to arrive "may" be eliminated.

Jonathan and Victoria load up their Mercedes and go off in search of a cabbie to get directions from. As Victoria's out by the side of the road, doing just that, Jonathan spots Nuance's cab heading toward the Roadblock. "There's a team, Victoria!" he screams. "Move it!" From inside Nuance's cab, Kendra confirms that they did indeed just drive past Jonathan and Victoria. Victoria scampers around the parked cab and back into their car while Jonathan moans, "Maybe we could just do this. For once." Yeah, stupid Victoria, doing what he tells her to. "Shut the door," he orders as she's shutting the door.

Freddy does the Roadblock for Nuance. He too finishes in thirty-five seconds flat. Do the numbers on that clock change? Kendra appreciates the Mercedes, a "big step up." They talk about getting a map, but decide on a cab instead. Which means hiring one to lead them to the pit stop. I hope they plan to pay a fare, unlike the bowling moms from last season.

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