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Lori and Bolo head out at 2:19 AM. She interviews that she and Bolo "butt heads," but that loves him. As they explore the streets of Goree Island, she gives him flak about not having his headlamp. I think that if he did have it on, she would find butting heads to be a lot more painful.

At 2:20 AM, Hayden's VO cops to some snippiness, but claims she wouldn't want another partner. Team Nuance leaves one minute later, revealing that all but one team gets $80 for the leg. They quickly catch up with Hayden and Aaron and have a little conference by the light of their headlamps. Kendra interviews that their strategy is to play low-key, and that their alliance with Hayden and Aaron will probably last to the very end. Assuming both teams do, she doesn't add.

Hornio takes off at 2:22, with El Hornio VO-ing that he's not thrilled with their performance so far. As he and Rebecca walk along, they agree that they need to stop following other people so much, while sheepishly acknowledging that right now they're doing just that. "I'd love to get out of Africa," Rebecca says. "I can see why so many people escaped." For that, I'd like to see her get penalized by having to carry a hardcover copy of Roots in her backpack for the rest of the leg.

Gus and Hera hit the road at 2:45. Gus interviews that Hera has blossomed, and that she's now very "focused" and "driven." I think she might also be more respectful of her dad than when they started out, but he doesn't mention that. They find the Slave House, and Hera peers at the statue, wondering "if they knew what they were getting into." Gus wonders why there would be any reason to tell them.

Don and MJ are the last to leave, at 4:28. That's a much bigger gap than last week's ending led us to believe. They're unbowed, however, and MJ vows, "If we have to sing and dance, we'll get the money. I wonder why they haven't done anything about raising funds for the past twelve hours, but I guess that's just me.

Kris and Jon get to the Slave House, and a tall local in a striking blue dashiki hands her a small scroll. It's very much not a clue, which would be kind of unseemly. We then see each of the teams read part of the message in one of those montages where different people are reading different bits and it's all cut together to make a whole. It explains the significance of The Slave House and says that it opens at 8:30 AM. It looks like the race will be basically temporarily suspended so that the contestants can be asked to pay their respects. The teams are to walk one at a time through the Slave House to the Door of No Return, which was the spot where captured slaves were loaded onto the ships to the New World. Once there, each team must place a single rose on the ground in tribute.

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