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The snowboarders talk in the cab about how they're about to bring "caysh" and "monay" to the orphanage, which they have just reached. They run inside and hand over the wad, getting high fives all around. Meanwhile, Ernie and Cindy are the firs to arrive at the mat for the second leg in a row, and they're pretty happy about it, until Phil tells them, "However, there is a problem." At this exact moment, Andy and Tommy are taking their leave of the orphans, but at the last possible second before turning away, Andy happens to notice the sign on the table. Then he takes a closer look and actually reads it. "So we gotta give them all our cash," Tommy says. Andy doesn't get it, at first, but eventually they turn out their pockets. Meanwhile, Phil tells Ernie and Cindy, "Because you didn't see the sign and didn't give all your money [or "monay"] to the orphanage, you need to go back and do so before I can check you in." They heave heavy sighs and head back at an already exhausted run, and Cindy interviews after the leg that when this happened, that she lost it. Indeed, we see her crying as they run through the streets. "Growing yup in a competitive Asian environment, there's nothing short of success. And then you're like, how can you be so stupid to miss one thing?" Especially after all her talk about being aware of twists. She's even still upset about it after the leg. Meanwhile, Andy and Tommy are speculating on how many other teams are going to blow this. Well, at least three so far. Andy says he's glad they saved; "That's more that goes to them." Off they go, with much lighter pockets. They somehow get directions to the Pit Stop, and the discussion as to whether to walk or take a cab is a pretty short one when they remember they have no monay. And Cindy is still crying, "I can't do this!" as she and Ernie run back. She'd better, or those orphans are coming after her.

After the ads, Cindy is still melting down on the way back to the orphanage as she has Ernie take her backpack for her. Ethan and Jenna have scraped up 30,000 rupiah, which they swap for their clue. On their way to find a cab, Ethan asks her if she has everything. "You have your fanny pack?" She does, but an Amazing Cameraman zooms in on their Detour clue lying on the sidewalk. Seriously, can't these racers hold onto anything this season?

Laurence and Zac have 16,000, so they're more than done with the parking task in ninth place and en route to the orphanage. Lisa and Kaylani finish the moneymaker task in tenth, so they're also on their way. Getting into a cab, Ethan asks Jenna if she has the clue. She tells him to check his pocket, but he doesn't have it. They both get out of the cab, because apparently he wrote the name of the orphanage on something, but he doesn't have that so they have to run back for the clue. Ethan says he gave it to her, and she says she forgot it next to their costumes. "Why would you forget the clue?" he asks. "Because it was an accident, Ethan." Ask a silly question.

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