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The Sprint of Our Life

Jeremy and Sandy are at the mat, learning like most of the other teams so far that they too need to go back to the orphanage and clean themselves out. Running back, Sandy says, "This is the sprint of our life." Meanwhile, Jenifer flatly tells Justin on their way to the Pit Stop, "I'm at the pace I'm going to go." Justin tells her there's a team right behind them (and indeed, Amani and Marcus are visible in the background) and that they need to move. He starts to jog, and she shrieks, "You want me to pass out?" I'm kind of starting to. She yells that she can't run, which is why it makes perfect sense that she would go on The Amazing Race. By the same token, you should go on Top Chef if you can't cook, Project Runway if you can't sew, and Big Brother if you have any marketable skills whatsoever. Finally they walk onto the mat, and get the same news most teams have, which is that they have to try again. Same for Amani and Marcus, who show up right behind them. "If everybody else did what they were supposed to do, we're in trouble," Marcus says as he and Amani run back. Didn't they pass the siblings already?

Liz & Marie make their "Second Trip to the Orphanage." In the cab headed there, Ethan talks about how cool it is that they get to raise money for an orphanage, and "that's what I'm all about." So he should be happy to give the whole team's money away to them then, right?" But no, he and Jenna miss the sign too. Jenna's had a few things to say about that if you know where to look, but I'm just here to recap the show, folks.

Laurence and Zac learn that they're the eighth team to arrive, and are pretty happy not to be in the bottom two. That is, until Phil whips out the dreaded "however," which is when the father and son learn that because of the screw-ups of "some of the other teams," they're officially team number two. Even better!

On the return rush to the orphanage, Sandy and Jeremy are catching up to Bill & Cathi. They pass them up before reaching it, and divest themselves right before Bill and Cathi do. Another lucky thing for this orphanage is that it's getting almost twice as much screentime as it was supposed to.

Here at the mat are Ethan and Jenna, who admit that no, they didn't hand over all their money, so they have to go back. Which they do, as Ethan wonders how that happens and Jenna says, "Life sucks, we just have to beat two other teams." Which is becoming an increasingly tall order.

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