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The Sprint of Our Life

Kaylani and Lisa present themselves at the mat, and Phil somberly tells them, "Unfortunately you're the tenth team to arrive. And you know that this is a double elimination leg?" They're starting to blink back tears of defeat when Phil tells them, "But because you guys did what you were meant to do, you are now officially team number three. And you are still in the Amazing Race." They hug as Kaylani tells Phil, "I hate you for doing that." Funny, I feel the opposite.

Ernie and Cindy return to the mat, having given away all their money and now officially team number four. Liz and Marie are team number five, Jeremy and Sandy are team number six, Bill and Cathi are team number seven. "Great recovery today," he adds to the last team. Would have been even better if they'd followed directions. "By next leg we'll learn to read," Cathi self-snarks. Justin and Jennifer are team number eight. Justin interviews that the race is harder than they expected. "My goal isn't to come out here and pick on my sister or beat up on my sister. It's to win a million dollars." Jennifer cracks her bitchface long enough to roll her eyes at that, and then she interviews, "I feel terrible, I can't run --" and then she breaks down and covers her face. Yes, she's horrible, but Justin doesn't quite succeed in hiding his satisfaction at her despair while sitting right next to her. It's not a question of if they'll self-destruct, or even when, but how ugly it'll be when it finally happens.

Bill & Ron arrive at the orphanage, and their fate in the race hinges on their next move. If they read the sign and give up all their money, they're still in it. If they hand over just their 38,000 rupiah and get on their way, they're done. Unfortunately for them, they do the latter. Even when they see Amani and Marcus returning for what Bill & Ron don't know is Amani & Marcus's second trip, they're all "Hang in there," thinking they're the ones who are ahead. Amani & Marcus drop off their cash and head back. Ethan and Jenna also spot Ron and Bill coming back, but as Ethan points out, "We don't know if they're right or wrong yet, though." And it's not like they're about to ask. Jenna reminds him that they have to beat two other teams, and after they drop off their money, Ethan tells her, "We can outrun Amani." Better do it, then; your third million is on the line.

Phil asks Ron and Bill, "Do you have any money on you at all right now?" Bill says they have their money for the race. "You were meant to hand over all your money," Phil says, and sends them back. Off they go.

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