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Bill & Cathi quickly decide to be ticket takers ,and run back to their cabs. Marie gets her clue next, and they decide on Moneymaker. Then Cindy, in third, decrees that she and Ernie will do Ticket Taker. There's a problem for Bill & Cathi, though; all the cabs are parked so close together that theirs can't get out. Bill deals with this problem by shouting and waggling his finger at the other cab drivers: "Go go go! Hey hey hey! Cha cha cha! Blah blah blah!" At least his tone is clearly understandable. Because of the parking issue, Liz and Marie are leaving first, looking forward to making money for the orphanage. Or at least pretending to be looking forward to it for the cameras. Marcus finishes next, and he decides they're going to dance. The next batch of racers is coming up the ladder, while Zac gets his mask and dagger down below. "Everybody's ahead of us," Zac says. "We're dead last. Not the place to be right now. "Well, Kaylani is behind him, and so is Flight Attendant Bill. Ron interviews that he kind of pushes Bill, who says, "He is a great motivator to me, and to be honest, I need that." Too bad Ron's not down in the cave, because Bill's the last to get a mask.

Cut to Liz and Marie arriving at their busy intersection. They risk their lives on a crosswalk, threading between speeding motorcycles until they come up on a dancer and musician in traditional costumes. They put on similar outfits of their own, which come with masks as well, which will make it easier to tell the two of them apart. Liz will dance while Marie drums. They get to work during one of what are apparently very long red lights, and after doing the dance with the dance guide, Liz runs from motorcycle to car to motorcycle with the tip can, collecting until the light changes. She got 6,000 from that batch, so clearly they have some work left to do, unless Liz quickly becomes a better moneymaker-shaker.

Bill and Cathi arrive at the mall and report for duty as parking attendants. They put on orange jackets and start waving bikes in as Ernie and Cindy do the same, just a little further up the block. Yikes, even driving a motorcycle doesn't cure your parking woes in this city.

Jeremy has finished the Road Block, and when he and Sandy reunite to read the clue, she prefers to dance, since she can't ride. Justin and Jennifer are off to be ticket takers, after Jennifer tells her brother he did a good job, in an out-of-character moment. Tommy's next, and he and Andy are going to be parking attendants. Tommy says he's happy as long as they don't come in last or second-to-last. Sandy says they can't make a mistake. "You make a mistake right now, it's fatal." Well, unless a whole shitload of other teams also make the same mistake, don't forget. Ethan and Jenna decide to do the dancing, and in their cab back to town, Ethan says there's only one team behind them. "There's three," Jenna corrects. The three waiting members of those teams, Ron, Lisa, and Laurence, are trying to be cool while they wait. Zac is the next to emerge, and they're leaving in ninth place to park motorcycles. With two teams behind them, Laurence says in the cab, "This could be the game-clencher right here." Kaylani finishes in tenth, and of course the showgirls are doing the dancing, and Ron and Bill move on in dead last, deciding to be moneymakers as well. "We're not going home," Ron assures Bill. "We're gonna earn the money fast." And even if they don't, they go to Sequesterville, not home. Everyone knows that.

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