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Commercials. Thank God they gave that charisma-free Arby's guy a makeover.

Back from the ads, we get some context for the reassurance Ron gave Bill: he pants, "I can't believe this. Leg two, and we're gonna go home." Which is when Ron assured him they'll do it fast. So now I feel like that vital narrative gap has been filled in.

At the intersection, Liz is confessing that she's a terrible dancer, while Marie keeps drumming and whining, "My hand's getting tired!" Jeremy and Sandy arrive and see them still there, although the twins are now up to 22,000. Marie tells her to go for ten on the next round. Why not? It's for the orphans, after all.

Over at the mall, Ernie and Cindy are doing a lot better than Bill and Cathi by virtue of having positioned themselves upstream in the flow of traffic, allowing them to catch all the motorcyclists who want to park before they even get to Bill and Cathi. The snowboarders show up and join the effort. "Can we get a scooter?" one of them asks, just for fun. Justin and Jennifer get to work as well. Cindy and Ernie, however, have already earned their 15,000 goal, so they're done and in first place. Cindy tries to get a high five from Ernie in the cab to the orphanage, and Ernie turns into a fist-bumping spaz, making goofy faces and noises until she's literally like, "Okay." That was weird.

At the tipping corner, Jeremy drums while Sandy "dances," and Marcus does the dancing for his team while Amani drums. Liz and Marie are feeling the pressure. There's some really busy splitscreening as Marcus works the crowd, telling motorists, "We got that kind that jingles. We need the kind that folds." Liz just begs drivers, "It's for children!" Won't someone think of the children?

At the mall, Bill and Cathi are the next to finish, so they're moving on in second place. Liz and Marie count up the 35,000 rupiah they've earned, take off the costumes they put on over their clothes, and grab a taxi to the orphanage. Marie says they've never been to an orphanage, and that it's sad to think of because the kids don't have parents. "We know how that feels because we just lost our dad." That's absolutely tragic but not quite the same. And speaking of orphans, here are some future ones, in the form of a family of four driving along next to them on one motorcycle.

Ethan and Jenna get to the intersection and suit up, and Ethan tells Jenna she's dancing while he drums. He jokingly tries to kiss her through their masks as she shrieks, "Get dancing!" Not clear on the concept, but when the light changes, she's out there working it while Ethan tells her she looks hot. He's going to be disappointed that they don't get to take these costumes home.

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