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One Day in Bangkok Makes Two Short Men Grumble

Back from a tense commercial break, Michael challenges Mark to say they can do the whole race in these clothes. "Why not?" Mark snaps. Well, in case they ever return to the Northern Hemisphere? "I got important stuff in that bag that's not replaceable," Michael says. Mark says he shouldn't. What they do agree on is they're "messed up."

At the "dentist," Margie gets a third ("ding!") and fourth ("ding!") match, so Luke throws up his hands on the person he's working on and lets her step in. She talks about how her nursing background made it easier to "be in someone's personal space." Seems like her nursing background might also have been able to help her avoid heat stroke, but maybe that's just me. But she's got their fifth set of teeth in place ("ding!"). Now it's off to the Pit Stop, Phya Thai Palace. Standing next to an outdoor altar, Phil simply says, "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Luke and Margie get their cab. "I think I fit them all," Margie chuckles at Luke. Now they can start calling her the bionic dentist.

Back to Kisha|Jen's van. In a post-leg interview, Jen says, "My first question was, are those transvestites?" And the soundtrack goes, "Ding!" Hilarious. "My next question was, why do they wear so much makeup? Third question is, why are we in a party taxi with three transvestites?" Must have been nice to have something take her mind off her missing cash and passports, at least. The cheerleaders are also having a great time -- or at least Cara is, while Jaime may simply be swallowing her annoyance at having to sing Thai lyrics -- and Tammy interviews that their traveling companions were a lot of fun. Shot of their scariest specimen, as Victor says, "They set the bar very high, so we put a lot of energy into it." And they're going to have that song stuck in their heads until the Finish Line.

Margie and Luke reach the palace and find Gate 5, also marked with an Amazing Flag. As they run onto the grounds, Luke says, "Mom, let's drop our bags now." They ditch their packs on the grass, and run the rest of the way to where Phil is waiting next to a guy in a white tunic with a green parrot on his shoulder. "I'm not going to faint today," Margie says. "Hellaaw!" the parrot caws, and the local tells them, "Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand." Two greeters -- awesome. Phil signs/says that they are team number one, and as they jump up and down and hug, he adds, "Congratulations," with his hands clasped together in front of his face. Looks like someone learned a new sign. You suppose he also learned "Your mother is dying of heatstroke," just in case? He tells them that they've won a "sensational" trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I hope the cheesy accent he said "Puerto Rico" in wasn't for Luke's benefit. Phil says that Margie looks a lot better than yesterday. Well, for one thing, she's vertical.

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