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One Day in Bangkok Makes Two Short Men Grumble

Victor and Tammy have their driver stop for directions. Behind them, Team Go Team's driver also stops, but when he confirms where he's going, they tell him to leave without sharing with Victor and Tammy's driver. "Hopefully he knows we're not friends during the race," Jaime says. Out of all the obnoxious things Cara has had to listen to Jaime say, it's this one that causes her to roll her eyes. But Jamie actually has a point, even if Victor hadn't done it to them a few legs ago. Which he did. So now there are three taxis on the way to the Pit Stop.

Meanwhile, in a traffic jam somewhere, Mark is waxing philosophical about how you can't change the past. But having their old cab back helps. "We got our stuff to bargain with if we don't have enough money, and we'll see what happens." By the way, their taxi's meter's currently reading 759 baht, or about $21.45. That's a good-sized dent in the money they got for the leg, and we already know from Krasnoyarsk that these two aren't great savers.

Team Go Team reaches the palace, and ditch their bags even before sprinting onto the grounds. Phil tells them they're team number two, and then clearly wishes he could back away while they jump up and down and scream like idiots.

Tammy and Victor once again stop for directions, but when they spot Kisha and Jen's cab behind them, it becomes a footrace to the palace, which fortunately appears to be nearby. The next person around the corner is Jen, followed by Kisha, who beat team Family Law by seconds despite being barefoot. Mommy'll be so proud. "It's okay, we're here," Jen says as Tammy and Victor join them on the mat. After they're welcomed to Bangkok, Phil tells Kisha and Jen that they're the third team to arrive and Tammy and Victor that they're the fourth team to arrive. But look out, here comes the "However." "Kisha and Jen, you have left your travel documents back at the Road Block, is that right?" They confirm it. "You're not going to be able to leave Thailand to go to another destination if you do not have your travel documents," Phil duhs, "so I cannot check you in at this point." Jen's chin has all but disappeared and Kisha looks around in wall-eyed horror as the ads hit.

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