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One Day in Bangkok Makes Two Short Men Grumble

After a replay of that awkward moment (this time including a shot of their Amazing Purse, in living color within a B&W flashback), Victor and Tammy tell them to "run like hell," because there's still another team behind them. Easy for them to say. Off go Kisha and Jen, as Tammy and Victor officially become Team Number Three. Or, to put it another way, the last team to arrive who didn't have to cross the city twice because they left their bags behind.

Out on the street, Kisha asks a driver, "Do you know where this is?" "No problem," he answers, and they dive inside. As they start the long ride back, Kisha says they had the mistaken assumption that "If you take a boat somewhere we have to bring it back." Even in a city where canals are used for transportation? By that logic, everyone should just stuff their backpacks in a locker at the airport and pick them up when they fly back out.

Mark and Michael have reached the parking lot for the Broken Record task, and Michael unpacks the trunk, leaving Mark to negotiate with the driver, who they can't fully pay. In pidgin English -- although I have to give him credit for not trying to make himself understood by shouting -- Mark offers to give the driver stuff from their bag to cover the gap between the 600 baht he says they have and the 785 on the meter, a difference of about five bucks. Mark gives him a flashlight and a compass, and the driver is satisfied. Oddly, the soundtrack doesn't seem to be; it keeps making that noise like a fencing foil being drawn across the strings of an autoharp. Or, as I've come to think of it, "Michael and Mark's Theme." But at least now they can get on with their rolling karaoke party. "That's easy," Mark sneers. "That's like waking up and putting my clothes on in the morning. It's second nature." Poor choice of words, given that his sleeveless shirt is showing off a fierce farmer's tan. Off they go, singing the whole way. After a brief shot of the sisters returning to their original cab, there's an interview where Michael says, "All I knew is we had to please these crazy local girls. Pretty local girls, I should say." Close up of one of the transvestites with visible sideburns peeking out from under his wig, complete with a reprise of "Michael and Mark's Theme." Mark says that they're in the entertainment business, after all. Uh, okay.

Kisha and Jen find their Amazing Purse still on the dock where they left it, and get back in their original hot-pink cab to return to Thai Palace. "I'm sure Mark and Mickey have checked in, so we'll see what happens when we get there," Indeed we will.

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