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One Day in Bangkok Makes Two Short Men Grumble

At 7:25 the next morning, the plane to Bangkok boards, with all five teams on it. And then, predictably enough, we land in Bangkok. Margie and Luke get their taxi first, followed by Kisha and Jen, followed by Team Go Team, followed by Team Family Law, with the Stuntmen bringing up the rear. On the road to the boatyard, Luke looks behind them and spots the sisters, whose cab soon passes them. "You can follow them," Margie tells the driver. Which works just fine, until Kisha and Jen's driver gets out to ask for directions. And wouldn't you know it, the person he asks is Margie and Luke's driver. He doesn't seem to be too sure, either, so he's going to ask someone else. But Margie tells him not to tell that to the other driver. Kisha and Jen go on ahead, while Margie, Luke, and their driver all get out to talk to some bystanders who overheard their question and want to help. And now Kisha and Jen are proceeding without benefit of the directions that Margie and Luke just got. And as they continue to be lost, Kisha accuses Margie|Luke's driver in absentia of giving them bad directions on purpose, at Margie and Luke's instruction. They still seem to think that's how it happened at the Pit Stop, because in the post-leg interview where Kisha claims as much, Jen looks pissed.. Although there may be other reasons for that, as we'll later learn.

And now a visit to Team Go Team's cab, in whichwe learn that Jaime likes to call dogs "doogies" for no reason. GODDAMMIT, JAIME, SPEAK ENGLISH!

Team Family Law spots the Stuntmen's cab behind them, and the latter team gets frustrated at their driver's lack of aggressiveness. I think I'd get self-conscious if I had to drive a pair of stuntmen somewhere. I'd feel obligated to always be taking turns on two wheels and going up the wrong side of the street and shit. Meanwhile, Margie and Luke have arrived at the entrance to the boatyard, which apparently is marked to outsiders only by the presence of an Amazing Flag high on at light pole. They climb out with their bags and proceed along narrow gangplanks through a wooded wetland all the way to the docks, where there's a clue box waiting. The Road Block intro reads, "Who's ready to propel their team forward?" Phil narrates that one person must "tap into their mechanical abilities and apply them to one of the most common forms of transportation in Bangkok: the long tail boat." You may be familiar with this kind of craft. It's a long boat that doesn't have an outboard motor per se, but rather a car engine with the driveshaft sticking way out beyond the stern with the propeller on the end of it that the pilot dips into the water to make the boat go. Except these five boats don't have the propellers attached, which is where the Racers come in. Provided with nothing but a hammer, a wrench, and an intimidating collection of nuts and washers, the person doing the Road Block has to attach a propeller to the long driveshaft of one of these ubiquitous craft. Oh, and they're also provided a propeller. After the propeller has been attached and tested and found satisfactory, they'll get their next clue. Luke wants Margie to take this one, so they make their way out to the chaotic docks, which are narrow and cluttered and laced with low overhanging girders that threaten to brain a person. Luke suggests loading their backpacks onto their boat before they get started, and Margie tells him to hurry up with that as she gets to work. You wouldn't think so, but you just saw a very significant move on Margie and Luke's part.

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