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One Day in Bangkok Makes Two Short Men Grumble

Team Go Team arrives at the entrance to the boatyard and asks their driver to wait. They run in without their backpacks, and Jaime's doing this one. Margie makes progress as we see her interview that she's pretty handy around the house, so this was easy for her. Seemingly in no time, she follows Luke onto the boat across the narrow gangplank and gets their next clue from the pilot as he pulls them away from the docks. Now it's a canal trip, and the teams have to find their way to the next clue. Fortunately, they've been supplied with a canal map to help them locate the Peninsula Pier, where a clue box is waiting for them. "Mama, good job," Luke tells Margie as they settle down for their boat ride. Jaime is now manhandling her wrench. She seems pretty angry at it, so I assume it's metric and not English.

"We're in the middle of nowhere," Victor remarks to Tammy as their cab pulls up to the barely-marked boatyard entrance. Indeed, the only sign of civilization is the cabs of the two lead teams already there, and their uniformed drivers waving Victor and Tammy towards the entrance. Like Team Go Team, Tammy and Victor tell their driver to wait and run in without their backpacks. The Stuntmen are just arriving, and Mark has his door open before their cab even comes to a stop. Although, as far as we get to see, he does not exit the car by rolling out onto the pavement or approach the entrance by sliding over his taxi's hood. What's the point of being a stuntman if you're not going to be doing that? Victor opens the clue and gets assigned the Road Block in third place, and as Michael catches up with Mark at the clue box, he says, "It's funny we're all here at the same time." Yes, all except the team that's already left and the team that hasn't arrived yet. Mark's doing this Road Block. As He and Victor move out onto the docks, Jaime is just finishing up, and looks around impatiently for someone to check her work. "You guys, move if you're not participating," she snaps at the arriving teams. At least she's not yelling like that with a wrench in her hand. After a moment, her pilot comes and checks it out and hands her the clue aboard the boat. They're already pulling away from the dock when Jaime reads the clue and realizes that they're not coming back here, and will need to get their bags. She orders the pilot back to the dock. "Don't tell anyone why," Cara says. Although, if any other teams actually see them returning for their bags and don't understand the significance of it, they deserve whatever happens to them as a result.

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