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One Day in Bangkok Makes Two Short Men Grumble

Victor's struggling a bit. "I'm not really a mechanical person," he says. "The good thing is at least I saw how Jaime did it, so I'm trying to copy her." The thing I would be most worried about is dropping a washer or something down between the slats of the dock and having to fish it out of the river. That would be a setback. While he and Mark toil away, Team Go Team has returned and are disembarking to get their stuff. You know, not for nothing, but I understand that sometimes parts like propellers are threaded in reverse, so that their rotation doesn't cause them to come loose during everyday operation. Maybe Victor would be happier if he screwed differently, is what I'm saying.

Kisha and Jen find the growing party of waiting taxis and reach the dock in last place. Kisha's taking this one, and as they head for the docks, they totally pass Jaime coming back for her stuff, who warns that the task is tiring and takes patience. Then how did Jaime finish it, when she doesn't have any? Kisha joins the others attaching propellers as the cheerleaders make it back to their taxi to claim their bags and pay their driver. They return to the boat and re-board in front of everyone who's still working on this. I think the clue requires the non-participating team member to wait on the boat, because all of them are. Either that, or the dock is so crowded that there's literally no place else for them to stand.

Margie and Luke are enjoying the sights from the river, which are indeed impressive. Back at the dock, Victor sweats visibly as Tammy keeps calling out, "Good job, Victor." I love how she says that when she means, "You suck." Mark finishes next, and like the cheerleaders, they're already out on the water when Mark reads the clue and says, "We still need to go back and get our bags." But Michael says, "They come back here," although I have no idea why he thinks that. He just wants to keep moving. After all, why sacrifice a few seconds of forward momentum on the off-chance that they might end up having to schlep all the way back across Bangkok to retrieve their luggage later in the leg?

Kisha finishes next, and they're the next team to fall victim to the overanxious pilot as he pulls away with their stuff still on land behind them. "Our pack is back there. All our belongings is at the dock," Kisha points out. There's a shot of their Amazing Purse, draped over something. "Including my shoes," Kisha adds, over a shot of her bare feet planted on the boat's deck. Did she attach the propeller with her toes? Jen says that everyone's stuff is there. "Just go," she says. Uh-oh.

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