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One Day in Bangkok Makes Two Short Men Grumble

Victor gets his propeller in place, but when he joins Tammy on the boat, it doesn't work, so they have to try again, Well, this is a bad turn. But after returning to the dock, Victor tightens something, and this time it works. They read their clue and ask to be dropped back off so they can get their stuff. In a boat interview while waiting to re-dock, Tammy says that two other teams went without their stuff, so they're making a "strategic move" to go back and get theirs. Their pilot drops them off a bit further up the bank so they can run back, clean their stuff out of the cab, and get back on their way without having to cover as much ground on foot as if they'd returned to the dock. So of the five teams, one got on the boat with their luggage in the first place, two had to go back for it, and two didn't. To be fair, these pilots seem to be in a bigger hurry than the Racers themselves to push off. But I can't remember the last time luggage management became such a major issue in a leg.

Margie and Luke are enjoying their boat ride, and somewhere behind them, Team Go Team are glad they haven't had to jump into the brownish river yet, comparing it unfavorably to the turquoise waters back in Florida. Yes, here in the States, the pollutants are much more technologically advanced and therefore invisible. Behind them, the Stuntmen aren't having such a carefree voyage. "How do we get back to our bags? Did you ever think about that?" Mark asks Michael. He doesn't have an answer for that, because mainly what Mark and Michael think about, as far as I can tell, is the awesomeness of Mark and Michael. It's even more tense on the sisters' boat, as Jen asks Kisha where their Amazing Purse is. "It's at the thing, I told you," Kisha says. Jen's face instantly becomes totally rageful. Cut to a B&W shot of that poor abandoned Amazing Purse, and then a joint interview in which Kisha blames Jen for saying they should go without their things, and Jen clarifies that she thought she meant the things in the taxi, not the Amazing Purse. The lesson? The Amazing Race can't be won without a team effort (post-Flo, at least), but it also takes a team to screw up this spectacularly. Now Jen wants to go back right now for their passports. But Kisha thinks they'll come back on the course of the race anyway. Jen interviews after the fact that she was trying to listen to big sister rather than have a confrontation, but now she's just pouting in the boat. Kisha's still hoping they'll do something and then return to the dock. Has there been a lot of backtracking in the Race?

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