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One Day in Bangkok Makes Two Short Men Grumble

Margie and Luke find a local to lead them to what Margie is charmingly calling "the dentist." As Kisha and Jen walk down the gangplank from Peninsula Pier to do Broken Record, Jen says, "I'm extremely worried about our stuff." Kisha says they should get a ride back after doing the Detour, but for now they hire a cab to get them to Broken Record.

"Look at how far we're going!" Victor calls to Tammy over the noise of their boat engine. "I am so glad we brought our bags." The Detour seems like a no-brainer for them. "We're Chinese, we have to do karaoke," Victor says. "Mommy'll be so proud," Tammy adds as they go to get a taxi.

Despite being finished with the boat ride, Team Go Team is back on the water, oddly enough, as they're traveling down a street so flooded that the water is nearly up to the middle of their hubcaps. Jaime, unsurprisingly, takes it personally.

The Stuntmen find a water taxi kiosk and ask the guys there how to get back where they came from. "Oh, cannot cannot cannot, too far, too far," one of the guys tells them, which is about the least encouraging thing they could hear right now. So that starts an argument between the brothers, where Mark wants to proceed with the Detour but Michael is insisting on going back for their stuff. As they run along the street to find a cab, Mark says they don't have enough money for that many cab miles, but Michael asks if he's ready to give up on their bags. They at least have their Amazing Purse, unlike Kisha and Jen. For once, Mark doesn't have anything to say. But points to both of them for being in good enough shape to run and argue at the same time.

Kisha and Jen are now traversing either the same flooded street or a different one to Chinatown, and Jen is looking very unhappy. "I'm worried about the fact that my passport is sitting on a dock somewhere and we don't have any money." Oh, I'm sure lots of people have been in that same situation in Bangkok. Of course, most of them are probably dead now, but there's no reason to lose hope.

Tammy and Victor are excited about the karaoke. "Maybe it'll be like a Thai version of Whitney Houston," she jokes. Victor loves that idea so sincerely and unironically that I'm not even going to put a joke here.

Margie and Luke's local leads them all the way to the "dentist," and they pick a group of five women waiting patiently behind a table for someone to give them some teeth. Margie and Luke don gloves, safety glasses and surgical masks to start peering into these ruined mushes. Then Margie has to fish around in bowls and subject some poor woman to a process of trial and error. This seems like it would be more unpleasant for the patient than the Racer.

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