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Mallory tells us she's never been on a train before, which is not entirely surprising. All the other teams board, Thomas naturally not passing up his chance to let Jill know that of course he's slept on a train before. By the end of the season he's going to have her convinced that this is actually his second or third Amazing Race. After a brief check-in with all the other teams, just to remind us of who they all are (and by the way, there are seven teams, a fact which I normally have a smoother excuse to work in before now), the train leaves the station. An Amazing Cameraman gets to visit the driver up front, and Mallory talks about enjoying this travel time with her dad while they don't have to be racing. I'm sure Gary enjoys it too; it might give his eardrums a chance to heal a bit. Team QVC and Team @ are sharing a compartment, and we learn two important things: the doctors enjoy the company of positive people like the home shopping hosts; and of the four women in the two remaining all-female teams, Brook's shoes smell the worst.

After the train pulls into Stockholm in what looks like the 28 Days Later hours of the early morning, everyone races for taxis to the airport. Team @ gets theirs first, and their driver even burns a little rubber peeling away from the curb. So that's 0.05% of their lead back. Nick & Vicki seem to get the second cab, which zooms past Chad and Stephanie. Then off go Jill & Thomas, Brook & Claire, and Michael & Kevin, leaving Chad standing there frustrated. Stephanie leads Chad over to an intersection while he bitches at her for making them be the last ones to get a cab. Stephanie's not hearing that, and there's no reason she should -- in the earlier shot of the teams running down the platform, she was right there with everyone. "Everything's my fault," she says sarcastically as they wait for a taxi to go by in the abandoned street. That does seem to be Chad's primary coping mechanism. And besides, Gary and Mallory also don't have a tax -- oh, wait, now they do. When Chad and Stephanie finally get a cab, he sits in it seething about being in last place. Stephanie tells Chad that blaming her for this is "shady." "Shady?" Chad sneers. Well, you can't say "shitty" on TV.

On to Arlanda Airport, where everyone gets on the same flight anyway. Now that the crisis is over, Chad confesses to us, "I was a little frustrated that we were last again." Stephanie clarifies, "Whenever he's pissed and frustrated, it's just Steph's fault. If he feels like that then we've got a really long road ahead of us." Or a really short road, with Philimination at the end of it.

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