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Eisenstein, Tchaikovsky, and Babushkas

But after the ads their driver gets directions, so they're soon on their way again. Back to the piano hall, where we get to hear snatches of the three pieces (complete with subtitles reminding us which is which, like anyone who doesn't already know them will ever use that information again) and racers rushing around. "Yeah, that's number one," Chad says. He and Stephanie gather a couple of more sheets and submit them for the maestro's approval, and are promptly rewarded with a decisive no. They wisely decide to give the records another listen. Back in the hall, Vicki has correctly identified the piano playing the third piece, but Nick confidently says, "This is definitely not it. Nowhere near it." Idiot. In an interview, Gary uses words and grammar to describe how frustrating it was, while Mallory spastically imitates piano playing as it might be done by a hateful orangutan.

Over at the soundstage, Eisenstein's work has apparently inspired the Amazing Editors to some busy splitscreen montages and dramatic camera angles of their own. Michael remarks that some of the clips are so small, and Kevin agrees, "I could have one and not even know it." Pretty sure Eisenstein didn't shoot in 8 mm, though. Jill asks the director to check one she found, which he does with his magnifying glass before shaking his head. Thomas interviews that the clip was of wartime images and large white Russian words on a black field (it being a silent film, that'll happen), and soon he's found a clip who's first frame is a title card with Cyrillic lettering. He shows it to the director, and just like that, Jill and Thomas have won the Detour, and decisively so. They're pretty happy to get their clue, which in this case is in the form of a film canister (which, if you're under a certain age or are simply Kevin, looks a lot like a large, hollow DVD) with a photo of St. Petersburg's Palace Square in place of the label.

Brook and Claire arrive just as Jill and Thomas are leaving, Thomas telling them, "Down there on the right." Their cabbie recognizes Palace Square from the photo, so they're soon on their way. "That was really, really good!" Jill happily tells Thomas. Meanwhile, Brook and Claire have joined the search and are wondering how Jill and Thomas got it so quickly. Knowing what you're looking for helps.

Stephanie's confident that she's found composition number one (which she has) and so are Mallory and Team @ (which they haven't) and Vicki (which she has, but Nick insists she hasn't, meaning she'd be better off at this task if he were waiting out on the sidewalk). Chad and Stephanie get another nyet. Team @ nails down number two (Road Block spoiler) and Gary and Mallory submit their portfolio and get shot down. So do Nick and Vicki. So do Nat and Kat, who aren't even trusting their ears any more. Chad makes the suggestion to Stephanie that they switch, and she thinks they should stick with it and give it another try. "You need to not get frustrated," she tells him. Yeah, good luck with that. He's one of those guys who looks angry even when he's not.

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