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Eisenstein, Tchaikovsky, and Babushkas

Over at Lenfilm, the Amazing Editors are really outdoing themselves, juxtaposing Eisenstein's images of men lifting weapons with racers lifting film clips, and shots of factory wheels with the reels on the film projector (disclosure: I wrote a paper about Eisenstein's Strike in film studies class when I was a college freshman, which is why you're finding me so pretentiously irritating right now). Brook gets a nyet -- no kiss for the director. "Unfortunately, no," he tells Kevin in subtitled Russian. Claire gets a no, as does Kevin again. But then Brook finds another clip whose first frame has a title card -- like the one Thomas found -- and she seems to know it's right even before she brings it over to the director, although I could be wrong because she's not talking about it the whole way over to him. Either way, they're now in second place. That was a quick recovery. Kevin and Michael are starting to get frustrated until Kevin finally finds a similar clip, putting them in third. He actually should have found this easier than working on YouTube, where you have to habitually identify clips from one random frame instead of a whole series of them.

Jill and Thomas, unsurprisingly, are the first to find the clue box at Palace Square. The next clue tells them to get to the town of Alexandrovskaya, follow a "marked road" (which "marking" appears to consist of an Amazing Arrow randomly nailed to a light post) to a "neighborhood store," outside of which is the next clue box. And they're off!

Back at the palace, Mallory is giving Gary a hard time for not helping more. He asks what she wants her to do, and she says, "I wanted you to have a decent ear, but...." Helpful. Like if there's something wrong with Gary's ears it's anyone's fault but Mallory's. Nick and Vicki give it another try and are shot down, as is Mallory, who is getting increasingly frustrated. When Gary proposes switching tasks, she quickly agrees, and they head out past Nick and Vicki. Soon after, both the bikers and Team @ decide to skip out, hoping to trick Chad and Stephanie into thinking they finished. When they come out, a successfully psyched-out Chad asks Stephanie what she wants to do. She still wants to stay, so he goes along. But I think it's only because she reminds him that he said if they started something they'd finish it, and as much as he might want to argue with her, he's not about to disagree with himself.

Jill and Thomas are approaching Alexandrovskaya, but see no sign of either one of the town's two major landmarks, Marked Road and Neighborhood Store. Back in St. Petersburg, Brook and Claire have just arrived at Palace Square and have opened the clue sending them there. And Gary and Mallory arrive at Soundstage 4, after the other four teams have already left. The place wasn't exactly a meticulously curated archive to begin with, but nobody's spent any time straightening things up, to say the least. "Jesus, please help us." Mallory says. "Say a prayer, Dad." Anybody else she wants to bark orders at?

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