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Eisenstein, Tchaikovsky, and Babushkas

Back in the hall, she again tells Chad she wants to "do this," by which I think she means run her guess by the maestro, and when they do, the maestro tells them yes, so they're finally done. And in fourth place, no less. When they get a record (which, if you're under a certain age, is like a giant CD) with a photo of Palace Square on it, Chad even recognizes it from earlier, which is his main contribution to the team this leg. In an interview, Chad promises, "I'm going to try very hard to remember these lessons." She slaps him on the thigh and says, "Don't worry, I'll make sure you do." She'd better. And yes, she did bail on a Detour back in Sweden, but at least she made a decision and stuck to it rather than standing there whining about it and blaming her partner. They're all happy and in love again by the time they make it to the cab, because Chad is perfectly nice to be around when things go well. Just like the man of all of our dreams.

Back at the studio, Nat finds the right clip, so they're on their way. Nick graciously comments on how lucky they are. Well, they're lucky not to have Nick on their team, without whom Vicki might have successfully completed the other Detour by now.

Meanwhile, in Alexandrovskaya, Jill and Thomas have finally found Neighborhood Store on Marked Road, and Jill will be doing the Road Block. She's soon suited up and schlepping her potatoes.

At Kevin's field, he says this is tiring work, but one of the babushkas comments to another in subtitled Russian, "He'd be a good farm hand, yes? We don't have enough of such worker. Such strong workers." Yeah, I think I'd rather find myself in a bar fight with Kevin than with any one of those babushkas, even before we see Kevin trip on the hem of his skirt. Brook belatedly finds the field. Kevin's babushka matron shows him how to spit on his hands, I guess to prevent blisters. She cheers him on, and Kevin totally gets into it. "I love you! she says. Kevin interviews, "I think I fell in love a little bit." Over at the neighboring field, Brook is screaming about having "stepped in pew!" There are high hedgerows between the fields, so Kevin can't see her, but he can sure as hell hear her.

Hell, Chad and Stephanie can probably hear her. They're still in fourth when they get the clue in Palace Square sending them to Alexandrovskaya, and Team @ is still in fifth when they do the same. At Lenfilm, Nick gets shot down again, but Mallory gets a da, and in keeping with the cinematic setting makes a total Oscar-winner face. They wish Nick and Vicki luck on their way out. Nick and Vicki decide to go back to the piano. "Were both not quitters," Vicki interviews, "so we always finish what we started." Except they just quit twice. "Can't deal with this crap any more," Nick says, probably making a mental note to flip a double-bird at the next Albert Einstein poster he sees.

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