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James is waiting at the train station when Tyler arrives in his jeep. They receive a clue that tells them to take a train back to Paris. This, Phil says, is 163 miles. There, they'll head for Place de la Concorde (a square, basically) for another clue. Inside, the A(AM!)s learn that the next train leaves at 5:23 PM and arrives in Paris at 7:37 PM. It connects in Caen, so they're actually at a different train station. They grab tickets, and they see that they're being followed closely by the *lyns, who also get tickets for the 5:23 PM train. Rob and Kim show up, and they also are told about the 5:23 PM train. Since the train doesn't leave for a while, Rob wants to change some American money for euros. They take a stroll. Shall we call it a fateful stroll? I don't think we can say yet.

Unfortunately for Rob and Kimberly, it turns out that being told to grab the 5:23 train doesn't mean there isn't one before that. In fact, Tyler and James and the *lyns jump onto a train going to Caen, despite the fact that it's only ten after five. Elsewhere, Rob is walking around feeling pretty good about himself as he returns to the station, happy about the fact that he thought ahead to change money now so they won't have to do it in the train station in Paris. Normally, he would be right that this is sound thinking. But in this situation, there is some chance that it will not pay off. On the train, as it's leaving, Tyler wonders where Rob and Kim are, and Lyn points out that they may have left to go into town or something, since it's not time yet for the train to leave. Indeed, when Rob and Kim get to the platform, they are quite distraught to find everyone gone. Rob can't imagine where they went without the promised 5:23 train. As it turns out, there is a 5:23 PM train in addition to the 5:10 train, and Rob and Kim get on it. Kim says that the frustrated and nervous Rob is "bumming [her] out" by being all grumpy about the situation, since he doesn't understand where the other teams went. I think the skydiving is still his issue, and he just can't get over it. It looks like Rob presumes that they got on an earlier train, but he can't really know for sure. In the station in Caen where the teams are changing trains, the *lyns and A(AM!)s are speculating about Rob and Kim's whereabouts, but then Rob and Kim show up. It all amounted to nothing -- you had to take a little hop-skip over to Caen, and they took one ten minutes later, but it was all the same connection to Paris, so it doesn't matter. "Even Steven," Rob says happily. What a surprise! Bunched again! Who would have, you know, taken wagers on this happening?

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