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Rob and Kim arrive at the fashion studio first. The boys are next and are happy to have beaten the *lyns there. Cutting of patterns begins in earnest. I kind of want someone to say "I didn't steal the bitch's dye" right along here. Rob and Kim bicker a little; the boys are feeling confident. The *lyns finish first -- or "finish" first -- but the designer who's supervising says that their pleats are inadequate. She also gives a "no" to Rob and Kim, and then another one to the *lyns. In an interview, Lyn calls her "the fashion Gestapo." She adds. "All she wanted to say was... 'noooooo.'" Hee hee. She draws it out in a very snotty way, kind of pointing with her hand and looking like she's smelling poo, and it seems... kind of reminiscent of the actual lady, if I'm being honest. More "no" for Rob and Kim, more "no" for the *lyns. First to get a "yes"? That would be Tyler and James. They are, in fact, models, but I also think they charmed the dress lady. The clue they get tells them to fly to New York. There, they'll find the "News Building" with "the giant globe." That's where the next clue is. The boys leave for the airport, choosing to be taken to Charles de Gaulle rather than Orly, saying that it's the one with far more international flights.

Finally, Lyn and Karlyn get their clue from the fashion Gestapo. In the cab, they choose to go to Orly, figuring undoubtedly that it's closer, and hey -- they got lucky there last time. They don't appear, though, to have done much research about airports, which there should have been some time for during some of the train rides and other waiting around. Finally, back at the studio, Rob and Kim get their clue. They get a cab straight to Charles de Gaulle. In the cab to Orly, Karlyn and Lyn talk more about all their sacrifices, and about how much they need to get to the finish line first. And what is Rob doing? He is still bitching about the skydiving, if you can believe that. Kimberly basically tells him to shut up and get over it. There's this really weird thing where her voice raises slightly, and he doesn't really react, and then like five seconds later, he's all, "Don't yell at me!" It just seems like... he's doing it too late, you know? It's like he took a minute to process it and decide he should be upset. It's very strange, like when a three-year-old falls down and doesn't start crying until he sees whether you're looking. There's more pointless bickering, and then she's suddenly like, "I am done with you!" Wait... what? I didn't even understand that, entirely. It's like they don't even mean it, they're just doing their act for old time's sake, like Sonny and Cher on Letterman.

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