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Commercials. You know what needed to be bigger? Pizza.

We come back. It's over! They're doomed! And then, here comes a voice with a French accent: "Who is James?" James and Tyler head over, but the lady still has to check with "the ticketing counter," whoever that is who hasn't already been checked with. James is praying, but probably not well enough, so Tyler tells him to "say your deepest prayers ever." Not just any prayers, slacker. James tries to pray harder. And then the music swells... and everyone is anxious... and then the boarding passes pop up out of the machine. James and Tyler are on the flight! Who can believe it? They hustle for the flight, sure that the *lyns are freaking out. Of course, they sort of are, but now the flight is really full, apparently. As the boys get on the plane, they're anxious to see what Rob and Kimberly's faces look like. "The boys are on," Kimberly mutters miserably. "What?" Rob asks, popping his head up. "So bummed to see you," Rob says, which I kind of respect, because at least it's honest and not personally mean. I would be bummed to see them, too, you know?

The Paris-New York flight leaves without the *lyns. But Lyn says she's starved enough that she's not a fat lady, and she's not singing. Heh. I do like her; she seems like a nice person.

Aaaaaand New York City! The Air France flight lands, and Rob explains that... well, that the flight just landed. Both teams run through JFK, and both teams get into taxis, and both teams ask for the Daily News building. Unfortunately for Rob and Kim, their driver doesn't know exactly where the News Building is, so Kim tells him to follow the Tyler/James cab. I'm kind of mystified that none of them seem to have bought any New York stuff in Paris and tried to figure out where the News Building was, you know? I mean, is there internet in the Paris airport? Because "New York" and "News Building" gets you a Wikipedia entry with the address in plain sight as your first hit, I'm just saying. Anyway, Tyler and James are aware of being followed, and they ask their driver if he can think of any way that they might ditch the other cab. "I'm giving them dodge, don't worry!" says the A(AM!)s' driver. Hee hee. I like it when the drivers are co-opted. He's giving them dodge! Their driver makes his attempt by changing at the very last minute in a way that's very unsafe but theoretically pretty effective. But in fact, it doesn't quite work, and Rob and Kim's driver manages to stick with them. Both cab drivers performed admirably, if totally unsafely, in that situation. Safety is overrated! Kim tells her driver that the other cab is trying to lose them on purpose, so now it's like a throwdown. Cabbie versus cabbie! Who will win?

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