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The next thing that arises here is that Tyler and James are in a cab with EZ Pass, so it can zip through the toll. Rob and Kimberly's cab doesn't. Now, if you've ridden in the back of a New York cab recently, you may know that this is actually addressed on the little thing on the back of the seat, along with the information about your Bill of Rights and so forth. It actually says that the drivers are required to use EZ Pass and to pass the savings along to you. (Seriously; it says that.) So Rob and Kim have an actual regulation-violating taxi driver, which is kind of too bad for them. So Rob and Kimberly get stuck in the cash line, which can take a while at the wrong time of day. Although honestly, this doesn't look like the wrong time of day, that much. The A(AM!)s zip through the line in their taxi. "We're screwed," says Kim.

It turns out that the Pointies' driver does basically know where the News Building is, so once he pays the toll, he gets them to the general area. But the A(AM!)s are there first, as you might expect. The EZ Pass blessing? Maybe. They run inside to where the enormous globe is, and they find the clue box right next to it, right where you'd think it should be. The clue tells them to head on foot to the East Village and find the sculpture in the picture. Phil explains that the sculpture, which they have to find with only the picture, is The Alamo. Not the real Alamo, of course. That's a fortress. At the sculpture, a woman in a yellow cap will give them their clue. Eh. There's something kind of... doofy about this. It's like the show is so famous now that they can't do anything out in public that will attract attention, so there's just this dopey lady in a hat. James and Tyler are a little bit daunted by the thought of running all the way to the East Village, which... seriously, dude. That's a hike. They're at, like, 42nd Street. Eeps.

Here are Rob and Kimberly at the great big globe. "Come on!" Rob says. "I've been to the East Village!" I don't know why, but that struck me really funny. "I know where that entire neighborhood is! Just follow me!"

James and Tyler are on the way to the sculpture, and Tyler is asking James if he's burning. They are the sexiest friends evah! They note that it's going to be another thirty blocks or so. Rob and Kimberly are running, too. James and Tyler think that the sculpture is at Astor Place, but a lady on the street tells them it's near Union Square. Not the same thing. Another guy tells Rob and Kimberly, though, that indeed, it's Astor Place, and the address is in the vicinity of 8th Street and Third Avenue. So that's way down and over from where they are. (You can subtract eight from 42, right?)

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