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The suggestion here is that Rob and Kimberly are running, but Tyler and James are going slower. Will the Pointies catch up? Huh? Huh? At the sculpture, though, we first see Tyler and James, unsurprisingly. The yellow-cap girl gives them their clue. The clue tells them to persuade a cab driver to take them to Garrison, New York, located in Putnam County. They should have done it at the shift change. They couldn't even have gotten to Brooklyn. This is a 56-mile trip, and as (again) the back seat of the cab says, they don't have to take you that far, so just as the clue suggests, it is a negotiation. Anyway, once they get there, they'll find St. Basil Academy, where the finish line is. The boys are very excited about the contents of this particular clue, and the fact that it says "finish line," and the fact that it promises the end. The first cab they stop, the guy doesn't know where they're going, really. He finds Putnam County in general in his book, though, so they decide to get going, and they can get the details on the way. A risky strategy, that. In the cab, though, they're starting to get happy, because they're pretty sure they're up on Rob and Kim. (By the way, if you're wondering, St. Basil Academy is a Christian children's home and school, basically, raising underprivileged children to be Orthodox Christians.)

Rob and Kim find the sculpture and the yellow cap. They get a cab who agrees to take them, and he quickly says he knows how to get there. "As fast as you can," Rob says. "It's worth a million dollars." I never know why people think that's going to be effective. To quote Wil and Tara's taxi non-wrangler, "I don't care. I'm not gettin' it." Meanwhile, Tyler explains to his driver that there are people who are going to be trying to beat them there, so they need to go fast. "All we can do is hope that the boys get lost," Kimberly says.

Tense people driving in cabs. James and Tyler's driver, on the phone, getting directions. Guessing at which way is "north." Yipes. The first person they ask about St. Basil Academy has no idea where it is, but the second guy is basically like, "Yeah, it's over there." Rob and Kim! James and Tyler! Rob and Kim! James and Tyler!

A cab drives onto the grounds of a school. Phil! Is standing on the big red mat! Teams are waiting by the side of the mat, cheering just like they care! And around the corner... running up over the hill... EXACTLY LIKE IN THE PREVIEWS FROM LAST WEEK... James and Tyler! Nobody at the finish line really looks like they care, but the guys throw down their packs and start running gleefully. Welcome, James and Tyler, you are the official winners! They hug. They hug Phil. The BQs pretend to be happy for them. James reports that he's "almost numb." And he should know. There is much rejoicing. They can't believe it! Seriously, it is unbelievable how easy it was to tell from the previews who won. The closest they came to creating suspense was that it was so obvious that it seemed like maybe it was a fake-out. Quoting myself directly from a chat I had the night that preview aired: "I suspect that in one way or another, that's cooked up. I just don't think they'd give it away that much." Shows you what I know.

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