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Okay, now here's a taxi full of Rob and Kimberly, who do not yet know that they didn't win. But when they get up over the hill, they see Tyler and James on the mat. Hey, it's earlier than Margarita got the news. They take second place pretty gracefully, all things considered. Phil asks about the relationship being "contingent" on winning the money, and fortunately, Rob's response is basically, "Well, I didn't really mean that." Phil teases Kimberly about the "big rock" she wanted him to buy her. She says he can "work for it." Thanks for setting back the cause, KIMBERLY.

A few years later, the *lyns come strolling up to the finish line. They are the third team to arrive. Lyn is happy that they're the first women to finish the race. Which... they may well not have, but that's an argument for another day. Karlyn says something about how she's a butterfly, or maybe the race is a butterfly, or all the countries she went to are butterflies. And she wants her daughter to know you can escape your boring life and go on TV, I think. Kimberly is proud that they got so far. Rob says they "have a great relationship." He "really is in love with this woman."

Now, there's this bad part, which is that Phil announces that they can use his Sprint phone (available everywhere!) to call their families and tell them the good news. First, Tyler calls his mom, who's like, "You won? Oh, good." Then we get James's dad, whose eyebrows kind of... fly right off his face. It is really impressive. His eyebrows are a curlicue. His eyebrows are a wonderland. I don't even know how to process them. James tells his father that they won, and his father is also happy. I can't look at anything else on his father's face.

Lots of inter-team hugging ensues at the big red podium. Tyler did it with his best friend! He says that the countries are all like a blur, like when he was on drugs, but now that he won, it's like being sober. Okay, he only sort of says parts of that, but it would have been great if he had actually said that. He "won the game of life," and now he won the game of a game show. Way to take the fun out of yourself winning, there, Tyler. Freeze frame! James... doesn't talk. At all. Does not address the victory. Damn. I think even Brennan got to talk.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next up: All-Stars. Or, as it should more accurately be called, "All"-"Stars."

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