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Commercials. Nobody gets that happy over Pizza Hut. It just doesn't happen.

When we return, we are waiting for Rob and Kim's flight to take off, and for the other teams to get themselves some tickets so that someone will be in Paris to race besides the Pointies. If nobody else showed up, they'd like it, but it would be lonely. Lyn and Karlyn buy tickets on Iberia for the 7:25 AM flight, which is arriving at 9:05. They also learn that their flight lands at Orly, not Charles de Gaulle. The nice lady assures them that if their actual destination is the Eiffel Tower, then Orly is better, because it's better located. For people who aren't accustomed to multiple airports, I suppose this might be mystifying, but in addition to the New York situation, if you've ever dealt with Dulles and Reagan, for instance, it's apples and oranges. Dulles means driving in the suburbs like you're going to the mall; Reagan means getting tailgated by six thousand harried lobbyists in SUVs and weaving your way through downtown. (It also means... getting lost, but that's a whole different thing.) (I just want to say that if the sign tells me to get in this lane, I don't appreciate it when it turns out that the only way to make it to my exit is to be in the opposite lane.) Lyn is hopeful that maybe they'll make up a little bit of time by being at the better airport. Meanwhile, Tyler and James are ticketed on the Air France flight leaving at 7:05 and arriving at... 9:00. Heh. Not much of a lead, there. I wonder what that's about. As far apart as those airports may be, I don't know that I buy that you'd lose a half-hour just flying to Charles de Gaulle. Maybe they fly slower. James talks about how they're going to be a little more than an hour behind Rob and Kim. Kim's just happy about going to Paris. (Aaaand... make out!) At 6:00 AM, their flight leaves. At 7:05 AM, the boys leave. At 7:25 AM, the girls leave.

The AYL is not remotely challenged by explaining the tiny hop from Barcelona to Paris. Phil explains that upon arrival in Paris, the teams will have to get to the third floor of the Eiffel Tower (where Kim and Leslie are still asking for a yellow and white flag in Spanish), where there will be a clue box.

Kim and Rob land at Charles de Gaulle. They've learned on the flight that it's faster to take the train into the city and avoid traffic, so they hop on a train. Public transportation follies! It occurs to me here that there have been a lot of taxis and spoon-fed cars this season, and very little public transportation. It's kind of sad. You should smell the locals, you know? A lot.

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