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Tyler and James land next, as scheduled. They, too, find out from some airport guys about the train and decide to use that option. It appears that when they get in the line for the train, Rob and Kim are on the train that's leaving. Dun-dun-duuuuun! Meanwhile, at another airport entirely, the *lyns arrive. They are told that it's better with a taxi -- which, of course, is totally believable, since they're in closer to the city, allegedly. They get in a cab. Three miles in a cab might beat three miles on a train, even if twenty miles on a train beats twenty miles in a cab.

It turns out that Tyler and James did not get on Rob and Kim's train, so Rob and Kim are on "Train 1" and Tyler and James are on "Train 2." In the cab, Lyn says that their driver is doing a great job for them. "He feels the importance oozing from us," Karlyn claims. Wow, that's kind of... gross. I'm surprised the driver didn't hit some kind of eject button, like, "No oozing! Leather seats! No!" The show kind of plays up the matter of the boys and Pointies on the train talking about how it's faster than a taxi, then back to the *lyns, like this is going to prove something about train versus taxi, but obviously you can't really see, because they're coming from a different airport. Anyway, the point is allegedly made when the *lyns arrive at the Eiffel Tower "Currently In 1st Place." When Rob and Kimberly get there, Kim is frustrated to see the *lyns' bags outside the entrance. Considering that the *lyns had a flight an hour and a half after hers, I can't blame her for being bummed out. "They get places quick," she notes. So the *lyns hop off the elevator on the third floor. They grab the clue, and as they're going back down, they see Rob and Kim arriving, and Rob and Kim see them. Karlyn smiles to herself. Back down at the bottom, these two teams open their clues and learn that they are to take a train to Caen. This is 145 miles, as Phil tells us. (The party was hoping it was an alternate spelling of Cannes: "You must attend a film festival and screen a very pretentious movie... ") At the airport in Caen, they will find another clue. Hmm, a clue? A task? At a small airport? What could it be? As the *lyns leave in their cab for the St. Lazare train station, Lyn points out that the closer airport was a really good deal for them. I think that was true in this case not only because it was closer, but because the other teams wound up being better off waiting for a train that exaggerated the difference in travel time above the strict mile-for-mile difference. "Now that's thinkin'," Karlyn says, as if they carefully selected the closer airport instead of deciding to go for that flight before they had any idea where it was landing, which they did. So it's not "thinkin'" so much as "luckin'," not that she's the first person to ever blur that line.

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