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Rob and Kim are told that they can get to the train station quickly on the metro, so they're still avoiding the cab thing. As they're leaving, Kim is glad that at least James and Tyler haven't shown up yet. But hey! Here they are! James and Tyler! Getting off the train by the Eiffel Tower! They are running to the tower! The *lyns are getting out of their cab at the train station! Rob and Kimberly getting off the metro at the train station! Tyler and James grabbing their clue! This is what they get for squeezing it all into an hour-long finale. The *lyns are now looking for the train to Caen. Lyn tells us that the train to Caen leaves at 12:25 PM. Rob and Kim arrive and they, too, learn of the 12:25 PM train. Tyler and James are just hopping into a cab to head for the train station. In the cab, they discuss the fact that they didn't see anyone, and they know Rob and Kim are ahead of them, but they don't know where the *lyns are. They arrive at the train station, and they get tickets on... the 12:25. They're kind of happy to run into Rob and Kim; not so happy to hear that the *lyns are here also. It's interesting, because they sort of find out that they were in last place and that they've caught up at the same time. Like, "NO! Oh, okay." The boys talk about how the *lyns were underestimated early on, and then they hop on the train. I like how everyone has to give little shout-outs to the underestimated *lyns, as if this weren't the result of the *lyns constantly finishing near the back of the pack. It's not like it was made up because people are mean. Karlyn mutters to herself that she knew the boys would probably make up the time. So all the teams are on the same train from Paris to Caen. Bunch! Again! The A(AM!)s are, of course, quite happy, since they were figuring they were running behind, and now it's a tie. Tyler says that this is the time for "heat" to be applied to the other teams, and he adds, "No more friends." Oh, Tyler.

Caen train station. Teams hop into cabs and head for the airport. First to get there are the A(AM!)s, who find a clue box and open a Roadblock. Phil explains that in the Roadblock, one person will "brave the skies over Normandy." Don't worry -- said skies are not as dangerous as they once were. Both team members will go up in a plane. One will do a tandem skydive, and the other one will get "a surprise aerial nosedive" in the plane that will hopefully not result in a fiery crash. The skydiver will land on Omaha Beach, which, as you may know, was a landing site for the Allies. The skydiver will then be taken to the train station where their partner will be waiting. Tyler takes the skydive, and they get their instructor and leave. James says he's done more of the Roadblocks thus far, so Tyler is doing this. This is James's moment where he should have looked right into the camera and said that he was tired of carrying Tyler's sorry ass, and things were about to change, baby -- change! It's James time!

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