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Passport to Defeat

They return to the mat rather shamefacedly. "What's going on, guys?" Phil asks them rather severely. Zev admits, "We lost our passports." Phil looks like a disappointed dad as he asks, "What happened?" They have no idea. Phil switches back to his host voice, officially informing them, "Zev and Justin, you do not have your travel documents. You need those for onward travel, and unless you find those documents, you'll be out of the race."

That moment is repeated after we return from the break, and he uses a more casual voice to ask if they've thoroughly searched their backpacks. Justin admits they haven't checked. "You should check them," Phil nods, nearly chuckling. They start dumping out all their shit right there. Phil spots a familiar blue booklet among all the crap scattered on the flagstones, and asks whose it is. It's Justin's, which means Zev's is still missing. "It's not here," Justin finally admits after turning this part of the shrine into a Joad family garage sale. As always, Phil knows exactly what to do: "Pack up your stuff, go back out on the course, and find your documents." They slowly turn to obey, and Phil is looped in saying, "You have to be back here with your passports before the last team arrives, or you'll be eliminated. Move as quick as you can." Which they are totally not doing. They're moving like M. Edium does when I tell him to re-roof the house. In a post-leg interview, Justin voices a few theories as to what happened to Zev's passport, but since that implies right there that even after the leg they still don't know what happened, we already know they're not going to find it, at least not in time. So much for any remaining shred of suspense. Phil wishes them luck as they head back out.

Lance yells tips to Keri. She yells right back. "Shut up!" He offers more tips. This time she gives a different response: "Shut up!" But this time she lifted her monkey mask so he can see her say it.

Team Inside Straight arrives, and Maria's doing this Road Block. Keri finishes her second move just before Maria finishes her first.

Zev and Justin haven't even left the shrine yet. But the good news is that Justin still has Terry's business card, so they can call him and ask him to come back so they can check his taxi for the missing passport. "So Terry has to come through one more time," Zev says. Justin says this would be an "awful way to go down." After borrowing a cell phone from someone, Justin gets Terry on the line and asks him to come back and get them. And I'm guessing that Terry checks the car with Justin on the line, because we hear Justin asking with fading hope, "Maybe we can go look at some places together?" The combination of his tone and word choice make him sound like he's about to embark on the saddest house hunt ever.

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