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Passport to Defeat

Keri finishes up, so she and Lance are on their way to the Pit Stop in seventh place. Doesn't the loss of Zev's passport kind of screw up the ranking? Well, Mika and Canaan are still in last place as they finally arrive at the Road Block clue box, so I guess some things remain constant. Maria finishes a second monkey move, and Canaan finishes his first. He's a bit too into it, if you know what I mean.

Terry finds Zev and Justin waiting outside the shrine entrance and politely asks, "You ready, sir?" They aren't shown searching Terry's cab themselves, but I don't know how they'd be able to hold back. Justin directs Terry to start by bringing them back to the "monkey thing." At which Canaan is currently closing the gap between him and Maria. "She's not the most athletic, dancer-y one of the bunch," Tiffany confides. Maybe, but the only reason they're still in this race is because she makes a mean Pho.

Brian and Ericka arrive in third place, still inching to the front of the pack. Now they're team number three, which is the rank the Globetrotters originally had. Which makes sense; Zev and Justin's setback has promoted everyone else. I wonder if the show will ever tell us what Sam and Dan won?

Canaan finishes the monkey task, so he and Mika are leaving in eighth place. Tiffany tells Maria to stay calm, and she finally manages to finishes on her next attempt. But they're still in last place. Unless Zev's passport never turns up, of course.

A very sweaty Gary and Matt are team number four.

I don't know where Zev and Justin are now. They're traveling in the back of Terry's cab, talking about how they had the passport at the airport and trying to reconstruct in their memories of what might have happened to it since they got in Terry's cab. "Unbelievable," Zev says.

Meghan and Cheyne are team number five.

It's down to Mika|Canaan and Team Inside Straight for this week's rather unusual version of the race for last. Maria says she wishes she could have "been a better monkey for my teammate."

Lance and Keri arrive at the pit stop in sixth place, and before jumping on the mat, Lance does a roundhouse kick in celebration. Phil just looks at him, shaking his head like, What an idiot. "Oh, man, you're scaring me now," he mocks openly, not that Lance picks up on it.

Zev bemoans their fate of coming in last, "Because I lost a little piece of paper. We would have won the whole thing, too." Justin agrees. Have they even made it back to the Road Block? Not that it matters now, I guess, since everyone else is already at the Pit Stop or on their way there. Even Terry's powers must have their limits.

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