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Passport to Defeat

Mika and Canaan are the next to reach the mat, and they're team number seven. When the poker chicks arrive at last, Phil can't resist fucking with them a bit, telling them they're the last team to arrive. He spares them the reminder that this is the second time they've shown up last in four legs. "And?" Tiffany asks after a long pause. But they get a "however" instead of an "and." "One team arrived at the mat without their travel documents," Phil informs them. "That means you are both still in the race." They can't believe it, and wish they had this much luck in their regular lives. "We'd be zillionaires!" Tiffany says. At least they know it's luck keeping them in the game.

A defeated Zev and Justin are returning to the shrine in Terry's cab. Justin admits in an interview, "I'm a little bit prone to carelessness, and I feel like I may have let him down a little bit. "No," Zev says. "No letdowns. Just a freak thing that happened."

Finally they make their way back up those steps to the shrine, a lot slower than before. "Whatever happens, I love you, man," Justin says, as though he's expecting Phil to shoot them. "I love you, too," Zev answers. They slouch to the mat, and Phil asks them, rather unsympathetically, if they have any more ideas. "We understand you gotta do what you gotta do," Justin says. Which is to Philiminate them. Zev says they're frustrated, sad, and disappointed. "We really ran a good race today and this is how it ends." Justin says he's proud of Zev, and they had a really good time together, like he knew they would. "Seems like a very good friend to me," Phil says to Zev, finally softening a bit. "Yeah, I love him to death," Zev duhs. In their post-leg interviews, Justin calls this "as special as any experience I've ever had in my life. I wish it had gone on longer." Oh, I think he'll be reliving this for the rest of his life. As for Zev, he says he's proven to himself that he can change and not be stuck in a daily routine. "I can go out and do different things and succeed at them."

And now, just because I hate to leave this so unresolved, I'm about to do something I've never done before and probably won't again. And that's to tell you part of what happens in this week's "Elimination Station," which is a little series mini-webisodes about the eliminated teams that's on the Amazing Race website. Immediately after the leg, because they're still wearing the same sweaty clothes they had on this whole leg, Zev and Justin walk to the consulate to see about getting Zev's passport replaced. But when they enter, a worker is already holding it in his hand, writing down some information from it. Justin asks where it was found, and learns that it was indeed discovered at the Road Block -- sort of. What happened there, according to Justin (and keep in mind none of this was shown in the episode), is that they went inside the temple by mistake. Finding themselves in a darkened space, Justin dug his headlamp out of his Amazing Purse, and he figures that it fell out in the dark. Which is probably also why the loss wasn't shown on the episode; even if their crew had seen it drop, their camera operator probably wasn't equipped for night filming. So now, as Team Asperger's starts the long, awkward walk to Sequesterville, Justin says he's literally sick to his stomach, blaming himself for this. Zev is mighty quiet. Although since their post-leg interview shown during the episode clearly took place around dusk, we can assume he gets over it by then. After all, he's still proven that it's possible to have Asperger's syndrome and do well on the Amazing Race. As long as your neurotypical partner doesn't lose your passport for you.

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