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Brian and Ericka are also close behind, at 6:59. We learn from them that the allowance for this leg is 91 dollars. In an interview, Brian says that they've figured out that this year's race has a "jungle theme," referring to ducks and zebras. We also see him using eyedrops in the cab to clear out what he calls a "Ho Chi Minh hummingbird," a tiny bug that he holds out for our inspection. In the interview, they refer to themselves as "Team Jungle Fever." They're just trying to get me in trouble, aren't they, with all their talk about their biracial union? I'm not biting, though. I won't even read anything into the yin-and-yang baseball cap that Brian is wearing.

At 7:06, Sam and Dan, the fifth-place team, look forward to Cambodia. Dan promises their cabbie a big tip for a quick ride to the airport. Maria and Tiffany, Team Inside Straight, are out of there at 7:16.

The Globetrotters stay just ahead of Meghan and Cheyne all the way to the Vietnam Airlines ticketing counter at the airport. They soon learn that there are no flights to Phnom Penh tonight, no other airline travels there from Ho Chi Minh City at all, and the next flight is at 12:25 p.m. the next day. Okay, that sucks for them. "About to be here all night," Flight Time comments unhappily. Plus he's named after something that all the other racers are going to be really annoyed about.

Mika and Canaan are leaving in seventh place, at 7:25, and seem to leave the mat in opposite directions in search of a cab. I'm trying not to read too much into that, either.

Zev and Justin leave at 7:31, and as we see them shuffling through their papers and cash in their cab to the airport (uh, don't drop anything, guys), Justin interviews that he met Zev at camp. Zev adds that he's always been grateful to Justin for bringing Zev into his group of friends. Back in the cab, they try to figure out how to pronounce the name of their destination city. Zev makes a joke that it sounds like they're going to "Sean Penn, Cambodia." Now watch the American right wing freak out.

Lance and Keri leave a minute later, at 7:32, and once again we've got a tight grouping, with the first team less than 45 minutes ahead of the last. Not that it matters, with the next flight almost 17 hours away anyhow. As we see them hail a taxi, Lance interviews that they plan to get married after the race, which he says is the equivalent of "five years of marriage stress." He admits that their communication "kinda sucks," and that he needs to listen more. I'm a bit worried at how much I'm agreeing with Lance right now. "We just have to find our groove," Keri adds. As their taxi arrives at the terminal, Lance says that this way, the other teams will do the legwork for them. So it was his strategy all along to come in second-to-last? Canny, that. But at least now I can go back to being annoyed by Lance, which is the natural order of things.

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