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Passport to Defeat

Pinky and the Brain are arriving at the airport, quickly spotting the other two teams at the ticketing counter. Their backpacks make them look like a lot more than four people. Brian|Ericka and Sam|Dan seem to be arriving at the airport at the same time, as do Maria and Tiffany, just as the lead three teams secure their tickets on the 12:25 flight.

Zev and Justin's driver does this thing that makes me crazy when people do this, which is that he drives right up behind stopped traffic in his lane, while the other lanes on either side are moving along just fine. Zev tries to hurry him along, unsuccessfully. Justin's busy with the cell phone I assume he borrowed from the driver, presumably calling ahead about tickets. When he's done with that, he should probably use the phone to send itself a text message reading "DRIVE FASTER" before handing it back to the cabbie.

Mika|Canaan and Lance|Keri also arrive at the terminal, as that 12:25 flight racks up more and more passengers. Term Asperger's is finally on final approach to the airport, trying to coach their driver to pass another cab by having Zev threaten to call the driver's mother. This might be a little more suspenseful if we didn't already know that the flight they're trying to catch leaves the following afternoon. At last (literally), they reach the airport. "Our goal was just to beat you guys here," Lance says welcomingly. "You guys are now in last place." Can you imagine going over to that dude's house for dinner? "We made something you hate, because we like it. And your car is ugly."

Team Inside Straight and Mika|Canaan get on the 12:25 flight. You know how the last couple of seasons, there hasn't been as much footage in airports? A change of which I heartily approve? Well, now that they're doing it again, it's a clear signal that something is about to go wrong for someone, plane-wise. And I'm glad to say it's Lance and Keri, who are told that the first flight is now full, and the second one leaves at 2:15. "You're serious?" Justin asks from behind them. That's way too much to make up, especially with the narrow time spreads we've been seeing so far, so Lance realizes they're in "a two-team race for last place." And I know which of those teams I'll be rooting for out of those two. Hint: it's the same team I've been rooting for since there were twelve teams. Lance asks for the first spot on the waiting list, and at least that happens. Justin makes the same arrangements for himself and Zev. Oh, man, if Lance and Keri make it on the flight and Team Asperger's doesn't, that will be a heartbreaker. Can you imagine a worse way for those two to go out?

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