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It must be a long night for the teams, sleeping in the airport, but it's only a few seconds for us before the first seven teams are boarding the shuttle bus to ride across the tarmac to the plane. They seem pretty happy to have left those other two teams in the dust. The same cannot be said of those two teams, who are still trying to fret their way onto the flight as the others transfer from the bus onto the plane, 99 percent sure they're got a two-hour head start. "It would be nice to have some breathing room," Maria says as she and Tiffany ironically get wedged into their tiny airplane seats. The stragglers are still begging ticket agents for seats when the commercials hit, which should tell you right there that everything's going to be fine. No disaster that's bisected by the first commercial ever turns out to be a disaster at all.

Sure enough, after a few more moments of token suspense after the ads, both teams manage to get tickets after all. If I were a conspiracy-minded person, I'd suspect the production of leaning on the airline to hold Lance and Keri's tickets until they were certain that Zev and Justin would be able to get on the flight as well. Good thing I'm not a conspiracy-minded person. [I liked the ticket agent who commented that Zev and Justin were nice... as opposed to Lance and Keri. -- Angel] The two teams scamper off in time to make final boarding, and cackle from the shuttle bus as it approaches where some of the other teams are still waiting to get on. "No cheap wins, bitches, no cheap wins!" Lance bellows at them as he steps off the bus, because they were all going to be so happy to see him even before he screamed and cursed at them. "This puts us on an even playing field. That's all we need," Lance tells us before getting on the plane with everyone else. All they need to come in at the back of the back, that is. Justin is, obviously, rather more cool about the situation. "Sean Penn Cambodia, here we come," he says.

The doors close, and the Amazing Red Line tracing the route from Ho Chi Minh Coty to Phnom Penh is so short it looks like they could have walked there in the time they spent waiting for the flight. Somehow Zev and Justin, literally the last people off the flight, get off the plane and into a cab first, and tell their driver to go fast. "Like the cops are chasing you, but safely," Justin "clarifies." Meghan and Cheyne are behind them in second place, with Sam and Dan in third. Brian and Ericka are in fourth, with the Globetrotters in fifth, just as Big Easy had so ambitiously hoped. Gary and Matt are in sixth, but they're happy to hear their driver say, "I like to drive fast." Team Inside Straight is seventh, and it's no surprise to see Lance|Keri and Mika|Canaan in the back of the pack again, in eighth and last place respectively as their taxis leave the airport.

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