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Passport to Defeat

Zev and Justin show their photo to Cabdriver Terry, who identifies the man next to Jackie O as King Sihanouk (which, as an ignorant American, I wouldn't have been able to do), and the hotel in the background as the correct hotel. They're soon on their way. Sam and Dan's driver also recognizes the hotel. Meghan and Cheyne are told about the royal hotel by a crowd of bystanders, and climb into a motorcycle rickshaw.

Brian and Ericka get their next assignment in fourth place, with the Globetrotters in fifth , Gary|Matt in sixth, Lance|Keri in seventh, and Maria|Tiffany in eighth. But when Mika and Canaan finally show up and he asks for their next "task," the editor just sakes his head and returns to his paper. Try doing a dance for him, Canaan.

Gary and Matt get back in their cab to the hotel, and Canaan is still getting nowhere, despite having settled into a chair across from the unhelpful editor a though for a long visit. Finally he RTFCs, asks for his "assignment," and gets the clue.

Three teams head to the hotel. Keri has to be told by a Cambodian who "Kennedee" was, and he also tells her what hotel she stayed in when she was here. "I didn't even look at the picture," Keri admits in their motor rickshaw to the hotel. Well why would she? It's not like it's relevant or anything. Mika and Canaan are soon on their way as well.

Then follows a whole montage of people either realizing who the woman in the photo is or, in some cases, spectacularly failing to do so. In Canaan's case, he declares with authority in a post-leg interview, "The picture was a picture of Queen Elizabeth." Cue the fail-gong. The Globetrotters also mistake her for a queen. Mika insists Jackie O is "someone of Cambodian descent," because she can tell from the picture. I bet Jackie O's parents would have been surprised to learn that. Dan says, "It was a queen or a princess or something." "Somehow significant in Cambodia," Canaan concludes. I'd wonder how he and Mika reconcile their seemingly contradictory theories of who she is, but they probably just assume that Cambodia was (and might still be) a British colony. If indeed they think through it that far at all.

Zev and Justin arrive at the correct hotel first, and Justin asks the parking valet, "Do you have a suite named after this woman?" They do indeed, and the valet directs them to the photo in the lobby, where the doorman -- in an outrageous mishmash of a costume that combines a Roman helmet with the kind of livery we've seen on hotel employees in India -- hands them their clue. "Cover or Wrap," Zev reads from the Detour clue.

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