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Now Phil is in an enclosed marketplace, looking dapper in khakis and a pink shirt, telling us that this is a choice between two common Cambodian accessories. In "Cover," the teams have to find a stand of motorcycle helmets, pick out four, and then sell them to a family of four for ten American dollars. Then they'll get their next clue when they return the tenner to the shop owner. What we see, and what I have failed to mention until now, is that the family of four that we're shown as an example is all on the same motorcycle. Helmets are the very least they should be equipped with, but let me ask you this: if you were in Asia and sharing a motorcycle seat with three other people, would you trust your life to a motorcycle helmet that cost you less than a Big Mac?

"Wrap" is a bit more complicated. It requires teams to go to where Phil is talking to us now, the Russian Market (Phnom Penh has a Russian Market?), and find a double market stall. The owner of that stall will give them a silk scarf, and then they have to scour the market looking for a woman who's wearing a matching scarf to get their next clue. Zev and Justin opt for "Wrap," and return to Terry, high-fiving him happily outside his cab. "You're the smartest man in Cambodia!" Justin tells him as he drives them to the Russian Market. "I'm gonna name one of my kids after you. Probably my eighth." Careful, Justin, Terry might hold you to that. He might even call your mom.

Gary and Matt's driver has brought them to the King's Palace, as has Brian and Ericka's. The bad news is that it's the wrong place, but the good news is that it's closed, so they don't waste a lot of time there. They rush back, and Brian tells their driver that they need to get to a place where Jackie Kennedy stayed. He's worried that they're in last place now. He's giving some other teams too much credit.

Justin asks Terry if it would be bad karma to send the other teams to the wrong place. Terry laughs and says it would be. "He likes it, though," Justin points out. But as we will see later, karma is not to be mocked. They pull up to the Russian Market, and with the help of Terry, who has accompanied them into the giant rabbit-warren of stalls, get themselves pointed in the right direction. "This is bigger than I thought, Zevvie," Justin says. Dude, it still beats hawking motorcycle helmets in bulk.

Sam and Dan reach the hotel next and get their Detour clue in second place. On their way out, they encounter the arriving Globetrotters, Mika|Canaan, and Meghan|Cheyne, claiming they didn't find it and of course not fooling anyone. They're also going to the Russian Market for the "Wrap" Detour. As are the three teams right behind them.

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