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Passport to Defeat

Zev and Justin have found the right stall, and are handed a purple scarf so they can begin their search for the woman wearing its twin. "This could take a while," Justin says. Even with Terry along? Seems like it could go fifty percent faster.

Team Inside Straight has their rickshaw driver wait as they go inside the hotel and get their clue. Maria reads the asking price for the helmets and says, "That's a lot of money for them." Especially for people willing to ride four on a bike. So, "Wrap" it is.

Zev and Justin continue their search. Lance and Keri arrive at the hotel, Lance hollering randomly as always. Gary|Matt and Brian|Ericka are right there with them, until they get lost in the hotel and the other two teams don't. Slick. The other two teams pick Wrap, and now that Lance and Keri have finally found their clue in last place, they ask some passing random back-office hotel employee if it's easy to sell helmets to families. He's like, "Yeah, whatever, I'm working," so they head off to do "Cover." Thank you, passing random back-office hotel employee! I owe you a solid.

Zev is the one who spots the shopper wearing the scarf that matches the one they're holding. They pretty much grab her and steer her back to the stall where they got their scarf, and trade her for their next clue, still in the lead. This is the best leg they've ever had. Now, according to the clue, they're off to a place called Wat Toul Tom Pong, and the clue specifies that they'll have to get there on foot. But what about Terry and his cab? Justin's got that figured out: They have Terry lead them in his cab the two kilometers thataway while they run along behind. At least their bags are in Terry's trunk.

Sam and Dan reach the Russian Market, and quickly get a green scarf from the correct shopkeeper. Meghan|Cheyne and Mika|Canaan arrive shortly thereafter. Sam and Dan quickly find the right woman, and get their clue. The Globetrotters seem to be the next team to find the scarf stall, and they ask a couple of handy Pennsylvanian tourists for help finding a match for the dark scarf they've been given. "I would love to say they were willing to help us out because of our good looks, but--" Flight Time interviews. "I'm six-nine, he's six-four," Big Easy interjects. "Six-nine and ugly, and I'm six-three and good looking," Flight Time interjects right back. Teamwork!

Mika and Canaan get a red scarf to try to match ,and Meghan and Cheyne get a royal purple one. They start their search. As for Team Inside Straight, their rickshaw is stuck in traffic, and Mara is very pissed off about it.

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