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The Korean Four

Nick and Vicki follow their guide down the road, wondering why he's being so helpful. "I'm okay with it," Nick says, probably doubling the size of the list of things he's okay with. They stop at an army guardhouse, their guide asks them for a picture, and runs over to show it to a soldier. Then he runs back to Nick and Vicki's car and says, "They also don't know," which must be just about the four least encouraging words one could possibly hear in this context.

Skating is continuing at the ice rink, and falling is also continuing, in Jill's case. She crashes into Brook's ass at one point. "Stay on your feet, babe," Thomas calls out, not for the first time. "Thank you, Thomas, you don't have to remind me of that," Jill calls back. The number of laps left is down to single digits. Jill and Thomas finish one lap ahead, and get off the ice to receive a clue sending them to Han Riverside Park, which Phil says is "also known as Yeouido Hangang Park." I wonder if getting directions to a place with two names is more or less confusing. They'll find their next clue at the base of a statue of an airplane in flight. "Do you know how many times I fell? That was ridiculous," Jill says. But they're glad to have passed Brook and Claire, who are finishing their last lap. "Well, cross that off the list," Brook says as they finish. Soon both teams are changed back into their clothes and trying to get taxis. Which is allowed this time.

Nat and Kat arrive belatedly and head out onto the ice. "I grew up in Arizona, so I have a lot of experience with ice skating," Nat deadpans. This is clearly going to take them a while.

Outside, Jill and Thomas are the first team to get a taxi, but it may not be the best one. As they ask if he knows where it is, all he does is say, "Heh heh heh," which doesn't inspire confidence. Still, once they're on their way, Jill and Thomas have a little more time to wonder how Brook and Claire go got the ice rink so quickly. That team, by the way, is in a cab whose driver calls Claire a beautiful girl and asks if she's "solo." Claire points to her engagement ring, and the driver, undaunted, tries to impress her by claiming he's a comedian. If his routine doesn't have more to it than when we see him going "Hoo hoo hoo," he's going to be driving this cab for a while. Even so, Brook laughs politely, probably because she doesn't want to end up stranded by the side of the road. Nat and Kat are still skating. "I'm channeling my inner Apolo Anton Ohno," Kat says. Yeah, I don't think she gets that channel.

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