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Double or Something

There's still a whole second flight full of racers yet to arrive, lest we forget. After it lands, Trey & Lexi, Rob & Sheila, Gary & Will, and Josh & Brent get their cabs. Josh speculates that the sports center probably means something athletic. "Which we have no chance of catching up on that," Brent chuckles.

With the Chippendales are now at the restaurant, Jaymes sits down next to Brittany, takes one bite, and nearly gags. "It's like warm Jell-O," he says. He makes rather a mess of his place setting, which can't help Brittany while she's holding her nose trying to eat next to him. Jaymes sucks the last out of his papaya bowls, slides the tray aside, and bends forward to Hoover up the scattered bits on the tablecloth in front of him. He'd better hope he wins this race, because with that image in the minds of his future audiences, his career as a sex symbol is effectively over. Amy's also got her face down in it, but Jaymes is the next to finish. "Fallopian tubes ain't bad," he says, and in the cab to the Bund, he says, "Everything my mama told me how to eat, I threw out the window." And then jumped out the window after it and licked it up off the ground.

Daniel's a backpack sandwich as he watches Amy finish and they rush out, leaving Brittany behind with the dregs of her hasma. Natalie and Nadiya arrive in sixth place, and now Nadiya's going to pay for her earlier lack of support for Natalie by having to chopstick up two papaya-bowls full of warm spunk. Brittany finishes up and reads that they'll need to search the Bund for a woman using "an...a backus?" See what I'm saying? They leave just as Nadiya is starting to eat, bending over the table from a standing position into the papaya bowls and holding her hair out of the way with one hand while Natalie leads a chant of "Twinny! Twinny! Twinny!" Two things. One: I think I may have just figured out how to tell them apart, because one is supportive and one is not. Two: They call each other "Twinny?"

Trey and Lexi are the first team from the second flight to get to the arena, and apparently Trey's something of a Ping-Pong ringer back home. Still, he doesn't get his point until the kid is playing with the clipboard. Eighth place is eighth place, though.

Cut to the Bund, Shanghai's famous (and huge) waterfront promenade, with all the public art and space that implies, not to mention the spectacular view of Shanghai's iconic skyline across the river. James and Abba are the first to arrive, and they climb the steps to the promenade. Immediately past those steps, sitting under a sun umbrella next to a young man, with her back to the railing and the water beyond, is a woman with an abacus. Team Metal, alas, walks right past her. Abbie and Ryan also show up and fail to find her quickly. "Why isn't she using a calculator?" Ryan wonders, either seriously or not, but not that cleverly either way.

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