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Abbie & Ryan are indeed the first team to make it to the roof, where Phil is waiting with a greeter in a red dress who tells them, "Ni hao." The subtitles helpfully translate this as "Ni Hao (Hello)" before she welcomes them to China. Phil tells them they're team number one, and they jump up and down and all but collapse in joy, Ryan grabbing her and kissing her all over her head. That must be unpleasant, as sweaty as they both are. Phil reminds them that they have the opportunity to double their money if they win the final leg as well. "Ah ha ha ha!" Ryan gasps off-puttingly.

Amy & Daniel arrive moments later, and Abbie and Ryan both talk about how amazing Amy is, even as she's fighting back tears. "We told you guys where it was at!" She says. Abbie & Ryan at least have the grace to tone down their celebration a bit as Amy & Daniel are checked in as team number two. "If we hadn't given up the clue we could have walked up here and had the chance for the two million," Daniel says. "That's just the kind of people we are." Aw, he had me and then he lost me. Go ahead and be a self-defeating idiot, but don't congratulate yourself for it. Ryan and Abbie just look at them, either guilty or offended but not about to say anything either way. But in an interview afterward, Ryan says, "I see Amy as more of a threat than any other woman or man running this race right now." Not unless she and Daniel have learned their lesson. "So yeah, when we can pass them, I have to take advantage of that. It's a game, it's a race. Worth two million dollars at this point." But only for one team now. Still, there are hugs and high-fives all around at the mat. Now if only Abbie and Ryan could be eliminated in the next leg, this new twist could rival some of the most abortive ones ever conceived by Big Brother

The Chippendales are still hunting for the abacus woman when they spot the blondes, who have already found it (also thanks to Amy and Daniel) and are on their way to the Pit Stop. But the guys don't know that, so they fall in behind Caitlin & Brittany just because they look purposeful. They follow them all the way to the roof, when Jaymes realizes, "This is the Pit Stop, we're wrong! Go go go go go!" Phil barely spares them a contemptuous glance before checking in Caitlin and Brittany as team number three.

Lexi is hurrying to gag down her hasma as Rob & Sheila arrive. Sheila's jaw drops when she sees what she's going to have to eat. "It's fine, they taste great," Rob assures her, like they serve it at Lumberjack Feud all the time. Lexi finishes and Sheila starts, using her face more than her chopsticks.

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