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Double or Something

James & Abba are now going door to door looking for an abacus. That's not going to work.

Natalie & Nadiya get to the Bund and are one of the few teams to spot the abacus lady almost at once. They hurry away as soon as they've gotten the clue, so as not to give away the location to anyone else, Amy & Daniel. In fact, on their way to the signal tower, they're asked by Rob & Kelley for directions to the abacus and pretend they haven't found it either, even while waving the clue they just got from her. And thus do the twins make it to the mat in fourth place. "That's pretty good news," Phil tells them, but they wanted first place, so they're a bit disappointed.

Sheila is finishing up her hasma and getting her clue in ninth place as Gary and Will arrive at the restaurant. "Search for a woman using an abascus sic," Lumberjack Rob reads. Seriously? Will buries his face in his papaya bowls while Gary yells that he's a big man, and Will seems to finish quickly amid cheers from the other diners. They interview about how he's never gotten that much attention, and Gary says they feel like rock stars. They're off in tenth place to the Bund, which Gary already knows is a park on the river. Look, teachers are smart! I'm battling the temptation to call them Team Substitute, because that causes the Who song "Substitute" to start playing on a loop in my head, and the last thing I need is for my recaps to turn into a Wes Anderson film.

Rob & Sheila have gone to a hotel for directions, which is usually a good strategy, but they're focused on the wrong part of the clue -- the abacus, rather than the Bund. So a desk clerk sends them to the Bank of China. Which, one hopes for their sake, is at least close to the Bund. "Was that a stroke of luck or what?" Rob asks in their cab on the way to the wrong place. "Well, let's hope," Sheila says. Yes, go ahead and hope that, for all the good it's going to do you.

Josh and Brent are the last team to make it to the restaurant. "I never pegged you for eating fallopian tubes," Josh says as Brent puts it away. Sure, they interview that on the farm they eat everything "tail to snout," so Josh promises to get Brent a fallopian tube when they get home. "Now we know how good they are," Brent deadpans. He finishes up, and they have their clue in last place.

Rob & Kelley quickly find the abacus woman and claim their clue in fifth place, which is just about the best thing that's happened to them since arriving in Shanghai. The Chippendales are still lost, and debating backtracking. Lexi and Trey show up in their cab while Team Metal decides to start heading back along the Bund. Even Gary and Will have arrived by this time. And after a lackluster leg of clue-searching and clue-non-reading, Rob and Kelley still somehow manage to be team number five. They're quite happy about that. As they should be, given how most of the leg went for them.

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