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Rob and Sheila get delivered to the Bank of China and run inside, asking, "woman with abacus?" The camera doesn't even bother following them through the door, because all we need to know we learn from hearing Rob's body mic picking up the sound of him going, "Aaargh!"

James and Abba finally find the abacus lady, and get directions to the signal tower in sixth place. When the goat farmers become the last team to show up at the Bund, a tourist points them right to the abacus woman, so they've suddenly jumped to seventh place. Team Metal checks in as team number six. "Oof," James says. Jaymes & James are still at a loss regarding the location of the woman with the abacus. "Is she a statue? Is she literal? Is she written on the ground? Is she in the water?" I can't believe how early I'm accusing Chippendales of overthinking.

After peering through some opera glasses, Jaymes and James decide to go down to the lower level. Jaymes interviews about the meaning of the million dollars. "My dad's the only person I know that's fighting cancer and going to work fifty hours a week still." Thus he wants to win and be able to tell his father, "Stay home, get better, we're good." And how are we supposed to root against a team that's racing to cure cancer? Dammit, Jaymes.

Josh and Brent make it to the mat as team number seven, meaning they made up for the airport slip-up. All is clearly forgiven, if it wasn't already. Now if only they didn't have to come back dead.

Rob & Sheila are now wandering the street, looking for what Sheila says is "a lady with an albatross." What are the chances of finding a random person who has just happened to notice a woman with an abacus, when other racers who are not only actively looking for her but know how to pronounce the word "abacus" can't seem to find her? Pretty good, as it turns out, as a guy points them up onto the upper level. Gary & Will spot Rob & Sheila and realize this means they're still in it. Sheila leans over the railing and looks around, including a glance right at the woman under the umbrella. To be fair, there's a guy standing between them blocking Sheila's view of the abacus in her lap, but then Rob rushes her away from the spot and she walks within three yards of her, so close that the camera drops into slow motion while they share the same shot. I get that it's a really sunny and bright day in Shanghai, and that spot of shade under the umbrella must be really dark, but come on, people. This should not be the hardest part of the leg.

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