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Up top, Gary's already saying, "I don't know if I can do this." Well, I guess it's good to realize it early on in the race, but it probably would have been better to realize it even earlier. Say, seven audition tapes ago. Abbie & Ryan swing out, then James & Abba, and the two "Abb" teams head down neck and neck. Amy & Daniel also start down, along with Rob & Kelley, the monster truckers. Gary snaps at Will to shut up for offering a helpful tip before they're even over the rail, but soon they're working their way down, Gary muttering encouragement to himself. "Sorry for yelling at you, Will," he says. Despite landing fourth, Team Chippendale are the first team to reach their backpacks and rip open their clue, which Trey & Lexi (in second) read as, "Make your way to Shanghai, China." Josh & Brent are in third, with Caitlin & Brittany in fourth. They all go running off in search of the waiting cars.

Rob & Sheila, whose subtitle identifies them as "Lumberjack/Marketing Exec," are now on their way down, followed by the twins. The four lead teams run up to the cars (which we have time to admire in several porny close-ups), stow their gear, and press the (convenient! Keys-free!) start button. The dashboard screen lights up with a video of Phil telling them they only have two flights to pick from. China Airlines, Flight 7 is scheduled to land in Shanghai at 10:50 AM, while Eva Air 15 should get them in at 12:05 PM. Oh, and they're both departing from Logan Airport in Boston in a half hour, so step on it. Okay, not really. Phil also warns that only the first seven teams to check in at the China Airlines counter will make it onto the earlier flight. And then we cue the montage of everyone driving to LAX, filled with excitement over just being on the Amazing Race. Yeah, that goes away. "Let's go to China!" Ryan says like it was his idea. And from the backseat, Brent says, "Come back with two million dollars or come back dead." Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

After the mostly-new, Season-21 credits, we're already at LAX, where the first flight is already getting booked up with Jaymes & James, Caitlin & Brittany, James & Abba, Amy & Daniel, and Abbie & Ryan. Natalie & Nadiya are arriving outside as one of them (I'm not even going to pretend to know which one) shrieks, "Forget them! Ruuun!" Rob & Kelley ("Married Monster Truckers," per their subtitle) are also showing up, at about the same time as Brent & Josh. In other words, three teams are coming after the last two spots on the first flight. There's a bit of a scrum getting in line to the ticket counter, and the goat famers end up in the back, which means they're going to be on the later flight. Brent blames Josh for being "Mr. Nice Guy," even though it looked like there wasn't much Josh could have done short of physical violence to stop Rob & Kelley from getting ahead of them, and even that probably wouldn't have played out in his favor. Still, Brent accuses Josh of messing up. "Are you going to be like this the entire flight to China?" Josh asks Brent. When Brent says maybe, Josh decides he's going to find himself a sleeping pill. They're not yelling at each other, just mutually irritated. Which I suppose is kind of impressive given that missing the first flight means they're almost certainly committed to coming back from the dead now.

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