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They have to climb up to the balcony level this time, because the ballerinas on the stage apparently didn't want Phil and a big mat up there with them. Instead, they're way up at the top of an aisle, behind the back row. Luke and Margie enter the auditorium through a rear entrance and meet Phil there, with Luke looking flushed and sweaty. And still in his underwear. A tiny ballerina trots out in front of the other dancers and declaims, "Welcome to Novosibirsk!" Phil tells Margie and Luke that they're team number one and have won a trip to St. Lucia. Post-leg, Luke interviews that having won two legs, "We're doing a lot better than we thought we would." In fact, they're the only team who has won two legs so far, which pretty much makes them the frontrunners.

Outside, Tammy runs up, and Jaime and Victor both cheer her on. Jaime asks how far back Cara is, and stops cheering when Tammy answers. "She was fricking walking?" Jaime bitches as Victor picks up their bags and wishes her good luck. Surprisingly, Jaime doesn't get mad at them for not waiting for her. Up in the theater, Tammy favors Phil with a couple of flirty poses in her underwear before they check in as the second-place team. Victor is thrilled, not least because he gets to see some free Russian ballet as well.

Cara has picked up her pace by the time she runs into sight of the library, and Jaime's all excited again to see her. "I love you!" she screams, which is always a boost when you're out in public in your underwear. They reach the mat in third.

Mike is just starting his run, and regretting his choice of footwear. Indeed, the big Russian clodhopper boots he's wearing are not ideal for running. Mark is also en route, and he interviews about the public reaction to the spectacle he was creating. Funny, Phil implied that brave locals do this all the time. You'd think people would be used to it.

After the experiences they've had asking for directions in this city so far, the Flight Attendants aren't even bothering to try to find the library themselves, but are concentrating on looking for a cab to lead them there. Which they also can't find. So why aren't they fighting? Jodi explains, "I figure we're both frustrated enough. I'm not going to add to her stress and she's not going to add to mine. It seems counterproductive to scream at each other. Just stay calm, plug away." Plus Jodi's face doesn't really move enough to allow her to get upset anyway.

Jen's driving that Lada like she's playing Grand Turismo (which, by the way, has the worst movie adaptation of any videogame-based film I've ever seen in my life). "The roads are very, very icy," Jen explains. That doesn't explain the squealing tires. Adding to her difficulties is the fact that the gearshift knob keeps spinning on its stalk. From the back seat, Kisha makes the invaluable contribution of wishing similar trouble on the other teams.

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