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There are still two teams out there, and Kisha and Jen are the first to find the clue box and the tent waiting outside the library. Jen's taking this one, and interviews, "I had to actually change into underwear, since I don't wear any." Lucky she had some with her: a pair of high-cut green-striped briefs and a white jog bra. Not exactly keeping her warm, but at least now the show doesn't have to borrow a bunch of pixellators from Survivor.

The Flight Attendants are still in transit, and Jodi says, "All we have to do is survive this leg, Christie." And the next six or so, one would think. "We're in survival mode again," Christie agrees. Up ahead, Jen can't wait to get started running. When she's gone, the Flight Attendants arrive, and Jodi manages to squish her finger in the car door. Jodi drafts Christie to take the no-shame Road Block. Afterward, Christie interviews, "I really thought that I was going to put on a little outfit that they provided?" But then we see her coming out of the tent in matching black, and...ohhh my, looks like they needed to call in some pixellators after all. "Is this legal in Russia?" she asks, with her ass blurred. It may be, but apparently it isn't on CBS at eight on Sundays. The interview continues, "I had no idea that I was going to leave on my thong and run through Russia." Meanwhile, Jen's underwear is riding up enough in back to earn her a mini-blur of her own, just so Christie doesn't feel too lonely. But then Jen interviews that she wasn't embarrassed at all. "I look hot in my underwear. I can't lie. Don't I look hot in my underwear?" Keckler asks, "Then why don't you wear any?" Christie, however, is quite embarrassed. "My dad's gonna die," she says. Well, it'll be a few months before this airs. Anything could happen. "I knew it would be bare minimum, I didn't know it would be my bare minimum. I'm freezing my ass off." At least then it won't need to be blurred any more.

Jodi and Kisha are now waiting together outside the theater for their partners, and a medic is looking at Jodi's bloody finger. "Just wrap it up and call it a day," she toughs, adding with a laugh that it's too cold for her to feel it anyway. A lot of editing magic is used to build suspense for the arrival of the next group of runners, but it's no surprise when it ends up being the one that includes Jen. Kisha actually wipes away a tear when she sees her sister. "All right, America's Next Top Model, let's go!" she calls as they meet on the steps. Jodi just contemplates her bandaged pinky. Kisha and Jen make it onto the mat in sixth place.

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