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Finally, the Flight Attendants come in, Christie now wearing her ski jacket and some kind of scarf wrapped around her hips as they enter the theater. Nice how Jodi, with her damaged finger, was the only one who thought to have something ready for her partner to put on when she arrived. Or maybe she just had lots of time to think about it. When they reach the balcony, the little ballerina repeats, "Welcome to Novosibirsk!" from the stage. Phil takes his sweet time telling them that they have arrived last, which doesn't exactly shock them. "I'm sorry to tell will be the last team starting the next leg of the race." Yes, it's non-elimination. Try to act surprised. They hug as Christie says, "I was hoping I did not run through the streets naked for nothing." And what a shame they got rid of the "clothes on your back" requirement for last-place finishers in non-elimination legs. Phil gives them the bad news that they'll have to complete a Speed Bump at some point during the next leg -- a task that only they will have to do. "As a consequence, doing the Speed Bump may seriously jeopardize your chances of staying in the Race, so you're going to have to race even harder," he says, with a rare stumble over his words. They nervously say they're up for it. Phil comments on how easy it is to go from first to last. "We do best when we're in last," Christie says. Which must be why they spend so much time there. "We climb up." Despite having won the previous leg, I don't know that they have a big enough sample of time being in not-last to say that with authority. But in their post-leg interview, Jodi says they've felt like underdogs all along. "We have something else that we have to do, and we'll just do our best to do it." Solid plan. What could possibly go wrong with it?

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