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We don't even see the other five teams departing -- suddenly it's just 10:20 p.m., and all of the teams are together, milling down the stairs toward the platform to board the train that Mel calls a "leveler." "Let the last become first and let the first become last," Mike says. Mel can't believe Mike is quoting the Bible. "It's a miracle!" he mock-gasps. How weird is it that we don't get everyone's departure times? Obviously it's not going to make a difference in the leg to come, but I always like to know how far apart teams finished the previous leg. Oh, well, that just means more time to edit more interesting stuff in later. The teams have to go outside to board the train, and the wind is whipping snow at them hard enough to get them complaining for the few yards of Siberian train platform they have to traverse. "It's like Siberian Hell," one of the cheerleaders says. But soon they're on the warm train, in their sleeper cars. As the train gets moving, Margie translates for Luke that this is his first time sleeping on a train, which he thinks is pretty cool. Not everyone agrees, as an extreme close-up of a sock-clad foot suspended in midair pans up Kisha's impressive length to reveal that she's stretched out on her bunk. Or, more accurately, mostly on her bunk. "I just love when my feet hang off the bed I sleep in," she says. She and Kisha laugh about it, and about the limited headroom. "I just better not sit up fast in the middle of the night or it's over," she adds. Oh, keep that puffy headband on that you're always wearing and you'll be fine.

Shots of the train traveling through the night, with most of the Racers asleep, except for Mel, who's reading by the light of his headlamp. Thoughtful, pensive music accompanies the scene, which is interesting because this show doesn't normally do thoughtful or pensive. Then it's morning, and Mike is visiting Luke and Margie in their compartment. Mother and son are surprised by how well they slept, thanks to the rocking of the train, but Mike says he "slept like crap, in case anyone cares." Margie laughs, and Luke mimes a tear running down his face. Mike sarcastically thanks him for his compassion. He interviews that he didn't initially think much of Margie and Luke's chances, "But then they got rid of Kris and Amanda and now I realize they're the power players here." Back in the compartment, Mike says, "He's going to create a whole new archetype: the sinister deaf kid." You think he's just trying to stump Margie by making her sign the word "archetype?" Luke signs to Mike, "Big strong guy," and then mimes sweeping him aside. Mike says he'll keep limping so Luke doesn't U-turn him, too. Luke's all, "What, little old me?"

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