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In Tammy and Victor's compartment, he interviews that "Allegiances have already started falling away." They know it's every team for themselves, especially when everyone gets off the train. At least until someone lets him follow them.

And now we're in Novosibirsk, which is situated on a wide, half-frozen river. It's a larger and much more Soviet-looking city than Krasnoyarsk, except that the train station is mint-green. The order in which the first few teams get off the train are Kisha|Jen, Team Go Team, and Margie|Luke. The latter two teams go right while the sisters go left, once again deserting their "stay with the pack" strategy at the very first opportunity. Supposedly they're in pursuit of a cab that Kisha's spotted -- which is already pulling away from the curb with another fare. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders have gotten a cab first. Margie and Luke are trying to establish whether the driver they've found knows where they're going, so the cheerleaders tell their driver to stop, half a dozen times. As they invite Margie and Luke to have their driver follow them, they interview about the "instant connection" they felt with Margie and Luke, and how well they've worked together. Yes, we know, it's an alliance. Meanwhile, the Whites, Team Family Law, and the Flight Attendants have cabbed up in third, fourth, and fifth, respectively. And Mark and Michael are trying to get themselves (and their Amazing Cameraman, whose shadow we can see for a minute) killed by running across a busy highway to catch their cab. "Being stuntmen, we do know how to get hit by cars, heh heh," Michael says. They seem to know how to get their crew hit by cars as well. By now, Kisha and Jen, who got off the train first, are getting in their cab last. Jen interviews about her frustration. "Our strategy should definitely be to follow the pack, but Kisha did not go in the direction that everybody was going. I just don't understand that." Kisha is sitting right there, you know. Alas, the interview clip ends before she can try to explain herself.

The cheerleaders are doing some of their standard cabbie-related bitching. "I like how he has time to smoke a cigarette while we're in a race," one of them says. Hey, at least he's ashing out the window. And as Wing points out, it's not like it's slowing the car down any. "I think that's just his way of dealing with somebody screaming at him in English," says a cheerleader. He keeps looking at them wearily in the mirror, as though to say, "I can understand you, you know," and finally settles for muttering, "Thank you." Tammy and Victor's cab passes Mel and Mike's in transit, but it's the cheerleaders who find the clue box first. And it's a Detour. In the stairwell of a decrepit apartment block, Phil says this is a choice between "two unavoidable aspects of Siberian life." As he opens the door of an apartment to reveal a Russian woman in a wedding dress, he says this choice is "Russian Bride" or "Russian Snowplow." We also see a snowplow, but more on that in a minute. For Russian Bride, teams will pick one of the cars waiting in the lot where the clue box is. They're identical, boxy white sedans called Ladas, which, as Phil takes pains to tell us, all run on a manual transmission. Then they need to locate the gigundous apartment complex Phil's in, and find one of the brides who are waiting inside some of the apartments. Then they have to navigate to "This church, where her groom is waiting." And there they are, eight guys standing in a churchyard in greatcoats and peaked caps, looking like the cast of a high-school production of The Cherry Orchard. Then a photographer will take a picture, and the team will get its next clue. And a Russian couple will begin a life of wedded bliss. Too bad for the brides whose would-be chauffeurs pick the snowplows instead.

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